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Selling Your Property

How to Sell Your Property in Istanbul in 8 Steps

You should know that a long process awaits you when you decide to sell your property you bought for investment or where you live in Istanbul. We'll go over what you can do to help make this long and sometimes tiring process of selling property go as smoothly and without unexpected surprises as possible.

Buying and selling property is always an important event for both buyer and seller. Selling your property can be a new experience for you. We will share with you information about what to do and how to proceed in the process of selling property.

1. Prepare yourself and your property for the selling process

Before you put your property up for sale, research the property prices in the area where it is located in Istanbul and learn about the real estate market. Knowing the property sales rate and average property prices in the area where your property is located will guide you on how to manage the process.

2. Set a realistic price

It is very important to get the pricing right in real estate sales processes where large sales figures are in question. Setting an unrealistic price can cause you material and moral losses. While the price determined too high affects the sales speed of the property negatively, the low price causes financial losses. For pricing, data on the comparable property prices in the location of the house and the sales prices of the properties that have been sold recently can be examined.

The best way to determine the property's value is to do a comparative real estate market analysis. This market analysis compares properties near your property that are of similar size, have similar characteristics, are currently on sale or have been sold in the last six months. This comparison allows potential buyers to estimate more accurately how much they will pay for your property and set a factual price.

In addition, setting a higher price than it should be and gradually lowering the price is one of the common mistakes in home sales strategy. This can give potential buyers the impression that there is a problem with the condition of the house and slow down the selling process of the house. For this reason, making accurate and realistic pricing is one of the most important steps in selling property in Istanbul.

3. Set a timeline for the sale of your property

The average marketing period of a property for sale in Istanbul, which has been correctly priced, has been determined as 62 days in 2022. In this situation, which varies according to the location and the characteristics of the property, it is necessary to make a location-based evaluation to determine the most appropriate marketing period for your property.

If you have an idea of when you want your property to go on sale, you can manage your to-do list and know where to start when selling your property. To sell your property, you should take time for some steps and prepare your personal schedule accordingly.

  • If your home needs renovation, start the renovation process at least 2-3 months before putting it up for sale. Identifying and fixing problems early in the home selling process allows you to reflect repair costs upfront in the selling price and prevents you from encountering a nasty surprise later on.
  • Begin this process at least 20-25 days in advance to clean the house and make it suitable for photography. An immaculate house, well-edited professional photos are among the most important factors that accelerate the sales process of the house. For this reason, this step should not be overlooked and given the necessary importance.
  • When you decide to put your property up for sale, contact real estate companies that specialize in your area and choose a professional consultant to help you market your house. Getting the help of a professional will allow you to sell your property in the fastest and most reliable way.

4. If necessary, repair your property pre-sale

Before putting your home up for sale, make sure to have it done if maintenance and repairs are necessary. This will not only be a positive preview for potential buyers, but also allow you to add maintenance and repair costs to the sales price.

We can list the situations that need to be checked before the sale and, if any, corrected as follows:

  • Maintenance and repair of electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems
  • Maintenance and repair of windows and doors
  • Maintenance and repair of walls, ceilings and floors
  • Maintenance and repair of insulation and roof
  • Maintenance and repair of basement and basic structural elements

5. Clean your property and prepare it for potential buyers

No one likes a dirty house! If you want your house to be sold in a short time, you must have it cleaned and make it attractive for potential buyers. For the cleaning of the house, surfaces such as floors, cabinets, windows and doors should be cleaned, and if necessary, the walls should be painted. If the house is furnished, it should look as plain and tidy as possible, and the excess items should be put into the cabinets. In addition, another important point to be considered for furnished houses is the color harmony of the furniture. Furniture, carpet and textile colors should be chosen well, and life should be added to the house with a few green plants.

6. If your property has any debts, pay it (mortgage, electricity, water, dues, etc.)

If there is any mortgage, lien, etc. on the property, these debts must be paid, and the property must be ready for sale without any problems. The sale of a property with debts will not take place and all this effort will be wasted. It is important that the property's property tax and council taxes have also been paid. In addition, it should be noted that there is no dues debt within the site and that there is no debt to make regular payments such as electricity, water, natural gas.

7. Take professional photos to market your property

One of the most important steps in marketing your property is taking professional photos and presenting them to potential buyers. Bright and spacious photos create positive perceptions for buyers and make them think positively about the property. For this reason, it is very important to take photos with the right light from the right angle with a professional photographer.

8. Get a professional real estate agent to sell your property

The most important step in selling property in Istanbul is to find a professional and expert real estate agent. Selling a property is a tiring process for the seller. Buyers call and want to see the house. This is a situation that will cause both a waste of time and fatigue. In a big city like Istanbul, showing the house all the time can cause great losses both in terms of money and time. For this reason, getting support from a professional real estate agency in the process of selling property will greatly facilitate your work. The real estate agent will meet with potential buyers for you and introduce your property by arranging a property viewing tour. A professional real estate agent will determine the most suitable buyer candidate for you and ensure that your property selling process goes smoothly.

Before you deal with a real estate agent to sell your property in Istanbul, it is important to know the following:

- Pay attention to whether the real estate agent has a marketing network both domestically and internationally. This will speed up the selling process of your home.

- Submit your needs and preferences to the real estate agent. Learn about commission fees and service coverages.

- Sign a contract with the real estate agent.

After the deal, the real estate agent will market your property and present it to potential buyers. After the sale of your property, the real estate agent will help you complete the sale by delivering the necessary documents to the land registry office. The documents to be submitted to the land registry office are as follows:

  • Title deed (tapu) copy
  • Notarized ID (For foreigners, a copy of a notarized passport translated into Turkish)
  • Tax identification number
  • 2 biometric photos
  • DASK (Mandatory earthquake insurance)
  • Municipal market certificate

The land registry office will check whether the taxes on the property have been paid and whether there are any debts such as mortgages, liens, etc. on the property in order to complete the real estate sales transactions.

"Footnote: Do not forget to cancel your subscriptions such as electricity, water, natural gas immediately after the completion of the sales process. Also, if your property is in residential complex, get a receipt to prove that you have paid the dues up to the day of the sale."

Why should you work with Diyar Turk Real Estate when selling your property?

Diyar Turk Real Estate was established in 2019 with a team of real estate consultants who have many years of experience in their field. It sells real estate to both domestic and foreign buyers with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Getting support from the professional team of Diyar Turk Real Estate will make your job easier in order to avoid any bad surprises in your property selling process. If you are not going to be in Turkey during the property sales process, you can provide a power of attorney for us to manage the property selling process in Istanbul on your behalf. Thus, you can sell your property by saving money and time without having to come to Turkey.

You may want to buy and sell investment property in Turkey, or you may want to sell your property and buy another property. Whatever the reason, it will make your job easier to get help from experienced and professional people to sell your property without any problems. Here are a few important points to note:

- You should make sure that the real estate you want to sell does not have any debts. We do not sell property that is in debt.

- You must have the documents of your property such as title deed, residence certificate, etc. ready.

- After you send a message that you want to sell your property, we arrange an appointment with you and visit the property. Here, we make a price study by considering the location of the property, its features, age, maintenance and comparable property prices. The more well-kept your home, the higher the selling price. Therefore, our advice is that if there is a place to be renovated in your home before the decision to sell, you should renovate it and have it painted and whitewashed.

- After determining the appropriate price with a joint decision, we take photos of your property and get information and publish it on our website.

- We want the property to be accessible to potential buyers at all times and the key to be within easy reach.

- We contact and inform you when there are potential buyers who are serious about purchasing. If it is agreed in a joint decision, we invite you for sale. If you live abroad and want to carry out your sales transactions before coming to Turkey, you can make your sale by giving a power of attorney to the experienced sales consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate.

If you want to start the sales process by presenting your real estate to potential buyers all over the world by professionals on an international website, contact us immediately through our website and we will contact you. As Diyar Turk Real Estate team, we will always be at your side with our professional support during the sales process. You can send us the information of the real estate you want to sell via e-mail address or you can contact us directly via our website.

How can I sell my property in Istanbul the fastest?

When you decide to sell your property, you can set a realistic price, make repairs such as maintenance and repairs, clean it and display professional photographs at the marketing stage, greatly speeding up the sales process. However, the most important factor affecting the speed of sales the most and directly will be to determine a realistic price according to its location.


I want to sell my property in Istanbul, what should I do?

If you want to sell your property in Istanbul, working with a professional real estate agent will be the right choice. A professional consultant will set the right pricing for your home, manage your home's marketing process, show your flat to potential buyers and assist you with the title deed process.


I want to sell my property in Istanbul, how do I set the price?

There are multiple methods of determining the real price of a property. The data obtained by the application of these methods can be compared and the most accurate price can be reached. The following methods can be used to determine the value (sales price) of a property:

- Comparison can be made by learning the equivalent flat prices

- Real estate valuation service can be obtained

- Assistance can be obtained from expert real estate consultants in the region.

- The current price can be learned from the region where the house is located

- It can be found by calculating the rental price


In how many months is a property sold on average in Istanbul?

House sales rates in Istanbul vary according to the location of the house and the characteristics of the house. However, in general terms, as of 2022, the average marketing period of a house in Istanbul is 62 days.


What should be considered when selling a property in Istanbul?

When selling a property, there are some documents to be signed and some transactions to be completed until the sale is completed. In the process until the completion of the sales process, the following will be encountered:

- Correct pricing (with professional help)

- The process of photographing and marketing the property

- Deposit contract

- Real estate agency contract

- Property sales contract

- Payment of property taxes and, if any, other debts (benefits, bank debts, etc.)

- Deed transfer procedures


What are the documents required in the deed application?

The documents required during the transfer of title to the property owner are as follows:

- Original or photocopy of the deed

- Notarized ID (For foreigners, a copy of a notarized passport translated into Turkish)

- 2 biometric photos

- Tax identification number

- Document stating the current value of the property (obtained from the municipality where the property is located)

- Power of attorney if someone else is authorized for title deed transactions

- TCIP (Mandatory Earthquake Insurance) document


I want to rent my apartment in Istanbul; can you help me?

Experienced and professional sales consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate provide professional service for you to rent your home. They offer privileged services, from photographing the house to post-rental rentals. If you have an apartment for rent in Istanbul and want to get professional rental service, contact the experienced sales consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate.