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Learn More About Antalya

Antalya, the Tourism Capital of Turkey:

Antalya is a province located in the west of the Mediterranean Region along the southern beaches. It is one of the most tourist destinations in the world. It attracts many people with its warm climate, blue flag beaches, large and luxurious hotels, and historical and social facilities. In Antalya, a cosmopolitan city, social opportunities are well developed, and life is very active. In the summer, life never stops, all the streets are filled with people in the morning and evening.

People who have previously visited Antalya are dreaming of visiting Antalya again or moving one day. It attracts many people with its cool weather in Summer and Winter, with fresh fruit and vegetables in every season. Many fruits and vegetables grown here are imported to many areas of the world.

Millions of tourists visit Antalya every year, it is the first city that comes to mind when someone says Holiday home in Turkey. Tourism has reached not only in a certain region of Antalya but in all its districts and each district has a different historical and natural beauty.

Magnificent Combination of Nature and History

It is a coastal city in Antalya, which contains traces of history and nature in every single soil. Known as the city of gods, Olympos, Side of the Lydians, Side, Aspendos, where the Romans live, and many other places are worth seeing. There are 203 blue flag beaches in this city, where history and natural beauty are so intense and intertwined. Antalya has a unique beauty with its magnificent location between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean along the coast.

It is an old city that has hosted many civilizations throughout history and hosted many kings and monarchs. It is of great mythological importance. Antalya, which has traces of all civilizations and mythological history, therefore many destinations worth seeing.

its natural beauties are famous besides its historical and cultural values, Antalya has hundreds of places to visit such as grand canyons, waterfalls, caves, beaches, and bays.

Being a Homeowner in Antalya as a Foreigner

Antalya city is one of the most popular cities for Turks and foreigners to live in. Buying a home in Antalya means living in a climate with warm weather in summer and winter and always reaching fresh vegetables and fruits easily. It is a privilege to own a property and live in Antalya. It is very easy to pass every day in the holiday mood and to reach the sea or nature when you are bored. There are many different residential projects in Antalya that appeal to many different requests. Projects with the Mediterranean view, which is the favorite of foreigners, are among the most interesting.

We find the most suitable options for foreigners who decide to live and invest in Antalya. There are a wide variety of options in Antalya that suit all budgets and meet all kinds of demands. There is a wide range of Real Estate in Antalya that offers dozens of options such as mountain views, sea views, apartments, villas, swimming pools, and parking lots.

The experienced and professional team of Diyar Turk Real Estate is ready to find the most suitable property for you by taking your requests, our team will do the rest. We are with you with all our services before and after sales. Just imagine!

If we take a look at the advantages of living in Antalya, we can list the following:

-Sunny weather Almost every season of the year.

-Availability of fresh vegetables and fruits in all seasons of the year

- Almost every district has a coast. A magnificent nature is waiting for you in the districts that do not have a coast. Also, cities that are not coastal to the sea are very close to the beach.

- Prices of properties for sale are quite affordable

- It is possible to rent out properties you have bought for investment purposes in the summer months and to obtain a high rental income

- There is an opportunity to make a profitable investment by buying property in Antalya in a constantly valued area. So, your money never loses value here, it will increase every year.

Most Preferred Locations in Antalya by Foreigners

Kepez is considered one of the central districts of Antalya, it has properties for sale for every budget. It is the most preferred location for foreigners to buy a house.


It is a district with a world-famous blue flag beach located at the western end of the center of Antalya. There are luxury housing projects for every budget, and they are all very close to the sea. It is one of the most popular destinations due to its proximity to the sea and its development.


It is the central district of Antalya. The first settlement, “Kaleiçi” and the famous Lara region are within the boundaries of this district. Lara region, which stands out in the Muratpaşa district, is one of the most important locations preferred by foreigners to live. The properties located on the cliffs in the Lara region offer a unique Mediterranean view.


Belek town, located within the borders of the Serik district in the east of Antalya center, is a region where luxury resorts and ultra-luxury hotels are concentrated. In this region, which is famous for golf tourism, foreigners generally prefer to buy villas in Antalya. This location with magnificent villas surrounded by nature is generally preferred by those who prefer to buy a holiday and investment house. Houses bought for investment have a very high rental income in the summer months.


It is an exquisite district in the western part of the center of Antalya, captivating with every shade of blue and green. As in Belek, it is a district preferred by those who think for holiday and investment purposes. The rental income is high.


It is located in the westernmost part of Antalya, with virgin nature and magnificent bright beaches. There are very luxurious villas with sea views here.


It is a district located in the far east of Antalya and is almost a province. This district, frequented by German tourists, is very developed and has a wide range of Real Estate in Turkey. It is one of the popular locations for those who want to buy a house in Antalya.