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3rd Independent Runway of Istanbul Airport is Openedimage

3rd Independent Runway of Istanbul Airport is Opened


The sections of Istanbul Airport and its construction were completed and were opened with a ceremony held on 14.06.2020. The third independent runway, second airport traffic tower, mosque, and State Guest House were opened with the ceremony, attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The completed sections of Istanbul Airport, one of the largest and most modern airports in the world, were opened on 14.06.2020 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. At the ceremony, the opening of the third independent runway, mosque, second airport traffic tower, and State Guest House was held, besides the new runway in service, Istanbul Airport currently has 3 independent main runways and 2 spare runways to be 5 operational runways in total. With the new runway, air traffic capacity increased from 80 aircraft (landing-take-off) to 120 aircraft per hour. According to the simulations carried out by the Istanbul Airport management, with the opening of the third independent runway, the average aircraft landing time will decrease from 15 minutes to 11 minutes, and the average aircraft take-off time will decrease from 22 minutes to 15 minutes. 3 airplanes will be able to take off from 3 independent runways at the same time. Istanbul Airport is the second airport in Europe that has a third independent runway that conducts independent parallel operations in this number.

Another building that has been completed is the mosque with an area of 8070 m². In the mosque, which consists of 3 main sections and 3 main entrances, 6230 people can pray at the same time.

The State Guest House, which was completed with the third independent runway and mosque, was opened. The State Guest House, where foreign heads of the country can be accommodated, is located on a total area of 3825 m².

Transportation time to the airport, which will have the capacity to host 200 million passengers annually, will be shortened by the opening of the metro line, which is under construction.

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