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Advantages of buying property in Turkey 2021image

Advantages of buying property in Turkey 2021


Advantages of Being Homeowners for Foreigners in Turkey

Turkey has always been a country that attracts attention for foreign investors with its natural and cultural richness, geopolitical location, developed transportation network, developed tourism, trade, entertainment life, airports, roads, and bridges. Turkey, with its strong, stable, and growing economy, have always offered new opportunities for investors and still working on increasing the value of investments and maintained. The real estate sector in Turkey has managed to become one of the industries that continued to grow despite economic, social, and political issues.

Every year, thousands of foreigners become owners of homes, lands, and shops by investment in Turkey. The record of the previous year is broken every year and the number of foreigners investing in Turkey is increasing. Being a homeowner in Turkey, where a spectacular geographical location and climate are, the dream of thousands of people. There is easily accessible to a large number of countries from Turkey just with a single flight. This is one of the biggest reasons for choosing Turkey when foreigners aim to purchase homes.

The advantages of buying apartments for foreigners in Turkey is of course unlimited. Let's take a look at the advantages that await foreigners, who bought homes in Turkey.

Buying property in Turkey to obtain citizenship by real estate investment

In many countries, it is difficult to get a residence permit even when you own a real estate. But in Turkey, the right to Turkish citizenship can be obtained by making real estate investments in the amount specified. Foreigners, who purchase at least 250,000 $ of property, can be obtained to apply for Turkish citizenship. In other words, buying property in Turkey as well as the possibility of making a profitable investment beside obtain the right for applying to Turkish citizenship.

To get a residence permit easily for the foreigners who bought real estate in Turkey

The residence permit is given easily to foreigners, who bought a real estate in Turkey, by the Government of the Republic of Turkey. Residence permit, which can be issued for a maximum of two years at one time, can be extended as it ends. Also, if the necessary conditions are met, Turkish citizenship rights can be obtained after 5 years of residency. This residence permit is given to all family members (wife/husband and children under the age of 18). Children of foreigners settled in Turkey with a residence permit can obtain the right to enrol the education institutions in Turkey. Foreigners with residence permits in Turkey may find a job easily and get a work permit. Also, foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey have some opportunities such as purchasing motor vehicles, exporting furniture and vehicle, registering for social insurance, and to start running a company.

Geographical location and transportation opportunities

Turkey with its geographical advantage and transportation infrastructure provides access to almost all countries of the world. If we consider that you are a homeowner in Istanbul today, you will have the opportunity to reach 249 different cities in 110 countries from Istanbul Airport by direct flight. Also, if we look at the possibilities provided by the geographical location, Turkey is one of the rare countries where is experiencing the four seasons. You also have the opportunity to live a quality life, which offers various opportunities in four seasons.

Social and cultural opportunities in Turkey

There are all kinds of amenities such as sports activities cultural activities, concerts, and entertainment in Turkey. All over the country offers different opportunities. You can enjoy the sea on blue flag beaches in Antalya or you can enjoy skiing in Uludağ, Bursa. You can also find the opportunity to participate in international festivals organized annually in Istanbul. Millions of tourists come to Turkey every year to take advantage of these opportunities.

Affordable property prices and exchange rate

Turkey with an advantageous position has attracted thousands of investors from many parts of the world. Besides the natural and cultural beauty owned by the country, providing affordable property options, it is also attractive for investors. In recent years, the rising exchange rate offers advantageous and profitable investment opportunities in Turkey for foreigners.

Developed real estate sector and modern properties

The real estate sector and construction in Turkey has developed very well in the recent years, offers its buyers very luxurious and modern property options. While most of the newly built houses have smart home technologies, almost all of them have luxurious social facilities such as swimming pool, spa, and gym. There is an opportunity to have all these luxury properties at more affordable price in Turkey, compared to other countries in the world.

The cost of living in Turkey

Turkey is an agricultural country. It is possible to reach fresh fruits and vegetables in the country during the four seasons. For this reason, food expenses are very low in our country. Foreigners coming from abroad can live a comfortable life in our country due to the exchange rate.

As you can see, being a homeowner in Turkey has many advantages in different respects. If you decide to buy house in Turkey, you can contact us for houses for sale in Turkey and you can reach us from email address 

Diyar Turk Real Estate is always ready to help with its experienced and professional team. If you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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