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Advantages of living in residential complexes in Turkeyimage

Advantages of living in residential complexes in Turkey


Those wishing to buy property in Turkey tend to search for apartments for sale in residential complexes, and due to the great development witnessed by the real estate market in Turkey recently, people began to go to them from everywhere. Buying a property in Turkey has become a basic requirement for many, and this is what prompted investors to invest their capital in the real estate investment projects in Turkey, which brought them abundant profits. 

Many forms of residential real estate have spread in Turkey such as smart apartments, villas, and apartment complexes. Here is an overview of each of them: 

Residential complexes: It is a building or several buildings that provide its residents with all the services and care they may need, as it is like a small city that contains everything, and the types of real estate and apartments within the residential complex diversify and vary to meet the desires and needs of the residents. 

  • The first type is called regular apartments: they do not differ from the apartments in an ordinary building, and of course, they have different views and spaces. 
  • The second type is duplex apartments: they are two-storey apartments that are more suitable for large families and lovers of luxury life.
  • The third type is the penthouse apartments: these apartments are on the last floors of the residential complex and are characterized by a charming view, their swimming pool, and high-quality services. 
  • We move to the fourth type, which is the townhouse apartments: it is a villa within the complex and has a large garden attached to it. 
  • As for the villas, they are usually separate from the apartments within their complex and can consist of several floors and contain special features. 

residential complex in Turkey

These complexes have many advantages, including: 

- Its proximity to transportation: it is one of the most prominent points that distinguish residential complexes, as it is built within vital areas in Istanbul, and therefore it is close to all forms of public and private transportation, such as (metro, buses, and taxi), which saves effort and time. 

- Security and tranquility: where you will enjoy a high degree of protection, because the complex is equipped with surveillance cameras that work around the clock and cover all sides and areas, in addition to the presence of security men at the gate of the complex to ensure the identity of each person who enters it, as strangers are not allowed to enter without permission of the owner of the property, and thus you can leave the property in case of travel, reassuring that it will not be robbed.

buying property in Turkey

- As for the service facilities: the services provided vary according to the residential complex, as some complexes contain a school, a mosque, and a health center ready to meet the necessary needs. Commercial offices and shops can also be available for you to work in, so there will be no need to leave the complex and incur the trouble of transportation In addition, there is a garage for the complex's cars. 

- And we will not forget the recreational aspect, as the complexes contain gyms, football, basketball and tennis courts. There are also green spaces for children and gardens for picnics and spending more time with the family. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, and fast food stores are also available and ready to meet requests at any time you want. 

- The complex also provides secondary services such as repairing and maintaining faults and solving all problems, in addition to cleaning services for the complex and homes in exchange for a sum paid to the management of the residential complex as a monthly subscription by the property owner. 

- And do not forget the attention to interior designs and decorations: great attention is paid to the decorations of real estate and apartments within the residential complex, whether it is the external decoration of the apartment or even the interior design. The views of the residential complex are charming and attractive, as this complex is being built amid high-end, lively, and active neighborhoods.

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