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Advantages of real estate investment in Kağıthaneimage

Advantages of real estate investment in Kağıthane


The Kagithane district in Istanbul is one of the most important areas preferred by those looking for housing or real estate investment in Istanbul, especially in the European section, due to several considerations and reasons that made this area an important destination for real estate ownership, luxury, and stability.

Kağıthane location and area:

This area is located on the European side of Istanbul and occupies an area of ​​16 square kilometers. It is bordered to the north by the Sariyer district, to the south by the Beyoglu district, to the east by the Sisli district, and to the west by the Eyup district, and it has a coastline that extends over the Golden Horn, which gives it great vitality to be one of the most important and finest neighborhoods in Istanbul.

Advantages of Kagithane District

Cağıthane district in Istanbul has a number of advantages that have made it an essential center for the urban and development renaissance.
The most prominent features of this area are:
-Its distinctive vital location in the middle of the most prestigious neighborhoods in European Istanbul, especially the Sariyer area, which is the headquarters of major companies and institutions in Istanbul
-The great development in the transportation network within the region, where millions of dollars were spent on establishing new transportation stations and lines to work on improving transportation so that the region became one of the most regions in Istanbul, which is rich in rapid transportation
-Urban plans in the region, which sought to build housing complexes with integrated services and advanced features.
-The strong infrastructure that characterizes the region
-The abundance of gardens and natural parks that give a breathtaking beauty to the region
-The rapid and amazing development in all sectors of life and investment in Cağıthane is a result of the great government interest that the region enjoys, especially since 2007 until today.

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Service facilities in Kağıthane:

-Transportation: The region is rich in a transportation network and many types of transportation that serve the residents of the region, including the Metrobus, buses, and the metro.
-Malls in Kagithane: The Kağıthane district in Istanbul is a beautiful place for shopping, especially as it contains a distinguished group of malls and large shopping centers, including AXIS Mall, Ambassador Tower, Çağlian Mall, EVIM Mall, BEREKET Mall, NEHIR Mall.
-Hospitals: The region includes a large number of modern hospitals equipped with modern technologies in various medical and health specialties, among the most famous hospitals are: State Hospital in Cağıthane, Private Levent Hospital for Physiotherapy, Okemedan Dental Hospital, Derin Derry Hospital, Hilal Private Medical Center, Medical Center Isha Surgical. The area also contains more than 22 medical clinics and about 40 pharmacies.
-Universities: The region includes a number of public and private universities in various disciplines, the most famous of which are: Atlas Istanbul University, Gulf University - Department of Medicine, and Ozyegin University.

Real estate investment opportunities in Kağıthane Istanbul

Real estate investment in Cağıthane is one of the most important things that encourage and attract foreign investors to it. Below we will mention the most important signs that confirm the validity of real estate in Cağıthane for residency and housing, and for investment as well.

-Average price per square meter in Kağıthane
The average price per square meter outside residential complexes ranges between 3740-5000 TL, while the average price per square meter within residential complexes ranges between 5250-8500 TL.
As for office properties and shops, the prices per square meter outside the commercial complexes range between 4700-6000 Turkish liras, while outside the commercial complexes are between 6300-9500 Turkish liras

-Average rent per square meter in Kagithane
For residential real estate, the average rent per square meter outside the residential complexes is between 16-22 Turkish lira, while it ranges between 23-37 Turkish lira within the residential complexes.
As for office real estate and shops, rents for a square meter outside the commercial complexes are between 20-26 Turkish liras, while those within the commercial complexes range between 27-41 Turkish liras.

real estate investment in Istanbul

Advantages of buying a property in Kağıthane

The Kağıthane district in Istanbul attracts those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey for several reasons, the most important of which are:
-The level of luxury that characterizes the region
-Cagithane location, which is in the middle of the most prestigious European neighborhoods of Istanbul
-Competitive prices for real estate
-Infrastructure strength and development
-Beautiful nature and scenic views of every corner of Istanbul's Cağıthane district
-The abundance of high-end residential complexes equipped with the best ideal services and advantages that help stability and housing with comfort and reassurance
At the end of this article, we can only advise you to look at the real estate of the Cağıthane district and take advantage of the opportunity to buy property in Istanbul and its most prestigious neighborhoods, Cağıthane, to enjoy its advantages and the level of luxury that it gives you residence and housing, and the financial returns for real estate investment in it, which promises a lot in the future.

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