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All the questions about obtaining Turkish citizenshipimage

All the questions about obtaining Turkish citizenship


People always have many questions about how to obtain Turkish citizenship.
To obtain Turkish citizenship, the general conditions stipulated in Chapter VI of the Turkish Nationality Law must be met by the applicant, which are:
First: Enjoy legal capacity in terms of age and mental awareness.
Second: Provide proof of intention to live in Turkey.
Third: Enjoy good manners and good conduct.
Fourth: Thathe has good Turkish so he can speak adequately.
Fifth: He should enjoy a stable income or a job that enables him to support himself and those in his care.
Sixth: He should be in the good physical condition and not suffer from a disease that is dangerously contagious to society.
Seventh: He should not pose a threat to national security and public order, and he should not have a dangerous criminal record and was not subject to a criminal trial.
Eighth: To live legally residing in Turkey for five consecutive years before the date of application
There are other ways to obtain citizenship.

obtain turkish citizenship

  • For example: Does the citizenship rule include the purchase of the real estate at a certain value?

One or several properties can be purchased so that the full amount invested is 250 thousand dollars
However, citizenship is only granted with the owner obtaining a long-term visa and residence of at least 5 years. Turkish citizenship is obtained immediately after the completion of the purchase and ownership transfer process, and it ranges from 4 to 6 months.

  • If the father gets citizenship, do the children get it too??

Yes, children up to the age of 18 obtain citizenship when the head of the family obtains it.

  • If the property is registered in the name of the children, do the mother and father have the right to obtain citizenship as well?

No, citizenship is not granted to the mother and father, but the wife and children up to the age of 18 have the right to obtain citizenship.

  • When obtaining Turkish citizenship, is it required to drop a certain nationality? Does it conflict with multinationalism?

The owner can obtain both citizenship, mother citizenship, and Turkish citizenship.

  • What nationalities are not allowed to obtain Turkish citizenship?

(Armenia - Syria - North Korea - Nigeria - Cuba - Yemen)

  • If the husband is married to more than one wife, can he grant citizenship to his wife?

No . he has the right to grant one wife whom he chooses, provided that the second wife agrees to this decision through a notary public.

  • Should real estate be purchased in US dollars or can the property be purchased in any other currency?

No, the buyer can pay any second currency and is not limited to foreign currency (dollars), but the value of the paid property will be calculated with the same foreign currency value on the day of purchase; For example, you purchased on 2/5/2018 and paid in Turkish lira. When you obtain citizenship, the price is calculated according to the exchange rate on the same day of purchase.

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  • Does the applicant for citizenship have to wait 3 years to be able to obtain it?

No, not necessarily. If the applicant obtains a residence permit and the conditions of the law on the real estate he owns, he can then obtain citizenship before the lapse of 3 years.

  • What are the advantages provided by Turkish citizenship to applicants?

It provides several services, the most important of which are: The person is treated as a Turkish citizen and his family too
He does not need to declare his wealth and can own his investment
The Turkish passport also gives him the freedom to travel and visit many countries around the world without the need to obtain a visa. Or he can obtain it automatically upon his arrival.

  • There is a frequently asked question. What is the difference between real estate residence and tourist residence??

Tourist residence requires a travel document, a document evidencing the transfer of 6,000 US dollars, and an annual rental contract certified by the municipality.
As for residential residency in exchange for buying a property (real estate residency), a foreign person who buys property in Turkey may be granted an annual renewable residency as long as the property is in his name, and his family is also granted residency as an escort.
These were a set of questions that those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship would like to inquire about with the confirmed answers. There may be many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, including obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment or by buying a property in Turkey. In the end, the decision is up to you to choose the method that suits you best.

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