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Best Places to Eat in Antalya Turkeyimage

Best Places to Eat in Antalya Turkey


One of the best things about traveling is discovering different flavors. The unique and different tastes of the region visited are important elements that make up the unforgettable moments of the trip. Whether it is shabby places in the streets, street flavors, or elegant restaurants, the taste of the food eaten there will always be very different from the one eaten. Eating, which is an important part of the travel experience, is very important to most people. One of the first things that people who go to a place as a tourist often search for is “where should I eat?” “where is the best restaurant?” are such questions.

In this article, we answered questions such as: "Where can I eat in Antalya?", "Where are the best places to eat in Antalya?" Antalya is one of the best vacation regions in the world and is at the forefront of sea-sand-sun tourism. In our article, we have listed the best restaurants you can go to during your trip to Antalya and the dishes that you must taste special to the Antalya region.

Top 5 Restaurants in Antalya

  1. Seraser Restaurant

Seraser Restaurant is the first and only "Fine Dining" restaurant located in Kaleici.

It is the first and only "Fine Dining" restaurant located in Kaleici, the historical region of Antalya. A 300-year-old mansion was restored and opened as a restaurant. The restaurant, which includes the leading tastes of world cuisine, also has an extensive wine menu. In the restaurant, it is aimed to provide a perfect taste experience by blending the international cuisine with traditional motifs. We recommend those who love seafood, the Far East, and Italian flavors to visit.

  1. Pio Gastro Bar

We recommend you experience Pio Gastro Bar, which is the best bar and bistro in Antalya, located in Kaleici. A menu consisting of a blend of Latin American street flavors and Mediterranean cuisine has been prepared. This place, which draws attention with its lively and chirpy presentations, is a flavor stop that attracts people.

  1. Club Arma

Club Arma is one of the oldest restaurants in Antalya with the best view.

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Antalya with the best view. The restaurant, which has a magnificent view, serves Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on seafood. It is the first choice restaurant for those who want to eat seafood.

  1. Turgay Steakhouse

In this restaurant, which is the best meat restaurant in Antalya, the meats are cooked and served with cooking techniques specific to original American and Argentinian restaurants. It is a must-visit restaurant for those who love to consume meat and want to eat the best meat dishes. It is one of the restaurants that should be visited with its unique view and different presentation.

  1. II Vicino Pizzeria

If you want to eat a real Italian pizza in Antalya, II Vicino Pizzeria is the right address to go to.

If you want to eat a real Italian pizza in Antalya, this restaurant is the right address to go to. This restaurant, whose chef is an Italian pizza master, is waiting for its visitors to serve the best pizza you can eat in Antalya and to add a unique experience to your trip.

In addition to all these luxury restaurants, there are also local flavors of the Antalya region that must be tasted.

Local flavors that must be tasted in Antalya

  • Piyaz (Bean Salad)

The first local flavor that comes to mind when Antalya is mentioned is piyaz. Piyaz, which is served with meatballs in Antalya, is a kind of appetizer that must be tasted here. One of the indispensable tastes of Antalya cuisine, piyaz is a special flavor registered as a geographically marked product in 2017. Piyaz, which is very tasty and satisfying, has a history of about 100 years. It has a great reputation in Turkey with its special sauce and different preparation techniques. The best restaurants in Antalya where you can eat meatballs and piyaz are Piyazcı Ahmet, Piyazcı Sami, Piyazcı Hüseyin and Aksu Şimşek Köfte Piyaz restaurants. These local and shabby restaurants are the best places where you can eat the most delicious version of the piyaz.

Piyaz has a great reputation in Turkey with its special sauce and different preparation techniques.

  • Fish/Seafood

Of course, one of the best tastes in Antalya, which is located on the Mediterranean coast and has a large coastline, is seafood. It is possible to find many options in Antalya, which has various seafood alternatives. One of the most delicious seafood products that should be tried in Antalya, especially for this region, is Fish and Bread. We strongly recommend you try this delicacy, especially made with whiting. There are many restaurants serving fish and seafood. Some of them are Crispy Fish, Marti Fish House, Arma Restaurant, Antalya Fish House, and Balıkçı Bülent.

  • Burnt Ice Cream

Another famous taste of Antalya is burnt ice cream. Of course, it is not surprising that a city famous for its heat has a special flavor of ice cream. Burnt ice cream is ice cream with a special flavor made with goat's milk. The best address to taste this ice cream is Akdeniz Ice Cream.

  • Hibesh

Hibesh, an appetizer unique to Antalya, is a delicious flavor prepared with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, black pepper, and cumin. This appetizer, which goes well with meat dishes, is served in many local restaurants in Antalya.

Hibesh is a delicious appetizer unique to Antalya.

Each region of Turkey has different types of dishes with special tastes and flavors. While meat dishes come to the fore in the eastern region, seafood and olive oil dishes come to the fore in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Like every region and every city, Antalya has its special flavors. We have listed the best places to eat during your trip to Antalya. Enjoy your meal.

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