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Bosphorus Villas in Istanbul 2021-2022image

Bosphorus Villas in Istanbul 2021-2022


Having the Bosphorus, the unique natural waterway that separates the Asian and European continents, Istanbul is one of the most important cities visited by millions of tourists every year. The city, which has a unique climate where historical culture and modern life are intertwined, also draws attention with its rich food and beverage culture and entertainment life. When Istanbul is mentioned, historical mansions lined up like pearls overlooking the Bosphorus are among the first to come to mind. These Istanbul Bosphorus villas are the dreams of many domestic and foreign investors.

The places with the highest number of villas with Bosphorus views in Istanbul are Ortakoy, Rumeli Hisarı, Yenikoy, and Tarabya on the European Side, while Beykoz, Beylerbeyi, Cengelkoy, and Salacak on the Anatolian Side. If we look at how much does a villa costs in Istanbul, the prices of the villas with Bosphorus view in these areas vary according to factors such as the age of the villa, its location, and its distance from the center and the beach. The order in the texture of the region is also effective in determining the prices of the mansion-type villas, which are especially in the first row of the Bosphorus. The width of the quay and the Bosphorus front also highly affect the prices of the mansions overlooking the Bosphorus.

Villas for sale in Istanbul Bosphorus 2021-2022

Luxury Villas for Sale with Bosphorus View 2021-2022

Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world with its geographical location and trade volume. There are many advantages of buying a house in Istanbul for investors. Some investors who want to take advantage of these advantages invest in villas with Bosphorus views in Istanbul. If we take a look at the advantages of investing in villas with Bosphorus view in Istanbul:

- Having the right to acquire Turkish citizenship

- Own a luxury home in a city with tourist and commercial attractions

- Opportunity for an elite life in the most valuable places of Istanbul in terms of location

The most luxurious and most comprehensive social facilities of Istanbul have been developed in locations close to the Bosphorus. There is an endless variety of social opportunities in these regions. Living in this region, where lively city life and peaceful life are intertwined, decorates the dreams of thousands of people.

It has many villa options for sale with Bosphorus view in Istanbul, which has magnificent beauties. It offers options suitable for the budget of all kinds of investors who want to buy a villa in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Villas in Istanbul 2021-2022

Istanbul offers real estate investors a choice of villas with an exciting Bosphorus view. The villas with the Bosphorus view, which are much more expensive than other types of real estate in terms of price, appeal to high-income investors. Bosphorus view villas, which are the dreams of many, offer their residents an elite and high-quality life.

Each of the villas located on the Bosphorus strip in Istanbul has its texture and characteristic features. Each of the private residences called historical mansions on the coastline has a different story. These historical mansions are the most special and valuable residences of Istanbul, even Turkey.

Apart from historical mansions, villas with Bosphorus view are also the type of real estate that many investors want to have. These villas are in the districts of Sariyer, Besiktas, Beykoz, and Uskudar, which are on the shores of the Bosphorus. In each district, there are unique villas suitable for the texture of the region.

Bosphorus view villas are located in Sariyer, Besiktas, Beykoz, and Uskudar districts.

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Luxury Villa in Istanbul?

The villas, which offer their residents an elite life beyond a standard living area, and are equipped with comfort and convenience details, are called luxury villas. Villas with Bosphorus views in Istanbul are classified as luxury villas. These villas offer their residents a comfortable and elite living space. They usually have a large private garden, private swimming pool, and private parking. The villas have luxury features such as gym, sauna, and hammam. They are located in a peaceful area, close to the city and social facilities, but away from the city chaos. In addition to all these, some technical features should be considered in luxury villas. These criteria are:

- The quality of the heat and sound insulation system of the villa (roof, wall, interior wall)

- The quality of materials such as stairs, windows, steel doors, interior doors used in the villa

- The quality of materials such as flooring, bathroom floor, bathtub, kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, batteries used in the villa

- Laying, workmanship, and quality of heating and cooling installations

- The usage area, width, and spaciousness of the rooms of the villa

A villa purchased by paying attention to these criteria will provide a safe and comfortable living space for many years. If you have made your decision to buy a villa with Bosphorus view, starting your Istanbul villa search and arrange an appointment to view Istanbul villas with Diyar Turk Real Estate.

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