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Buying a Flat in a Residential Complex in Istanbulimage

Buying a Flat in a Residential Complex in Istanbul


Buying a Flat in a Residential Complex in Istanbul

There are a wide variety of real estate options suitable for every budget in Istanbul, one of the largest metropolises in the world. The most prominent and remarkable among these options are the luxury flats located in the residential complex in Istanbul. Luxury flats in the complex, which offer various advantages compared to other flats, are the first choice of those who want to buy a flat.

The residential complexes in Istanbul are places that have been carefully designed in terms of liveable space. Large residential complexes provide many advantages to their residents. With the increasing interest in the real estate sector in Istanbul in recent years, many large housing complexes have been built. These complexes, built in very large areas, contain many luxurious social facilities. These complexes with luxury equipment and privileged services attract the attention of foreigners who are considering investing in Istanbul. In this article, we will mention the advantages of purchasing a flat in a residential complex in Istanbul for those who want real estate investment.

The positives of buying an apartment in residential complexes

Advantages of Buying a Flat in a Residential Complex in Istanbul

  1. Security Facilities

The residential complexes in Istanbul have security systems supported by the latest technology. The security of all residential complexes in Istanbul is provided professionally. In large housing projects, there is separate security personnel for each building owned by the project. Also, the whole site is monitored with 24/7 security cameras. Foreigners who want to buy flats in Istanbul prefer to buy flats in large residential complexes due to this detail that increases the sense of security even when traveling abroad. Also, thanks to extra equipment such as fire alarms, fire extinguishing systems, and smoke detectors, residents of the site are always made to feel safe.

  1. High-Quality Flats with Advanced Technology

All flats in a residential complex in Istanbul are being built in accordance with high-quality standards. A comfortable and quality living space designed with advanced technologies are being created for the residents of the site. The use of first-class materials comes into prominence in all areas, from the safe building structure to the insulation system, from floor coverings to kitchen cabinets.

Residential complexes in Istanbul are prepared by a professional team starting from the project phase of the building, and ground survey, which is a very important detail for security, is made and the selection of earthquake-resistant materials is determined by professional teams. Thus, earthquake-resistant quality buildings are built and the damage that may be caused by the earthquake is minimized. (All buildings built since 2006 in Turkey, "according to earthquake regulations" are constructed in such a way)

Some of the flats in the residential complex in Istanbul have a smart home system that allows you to control the lights, air conditioning, curtains, doors, and sockets from your phone. This feature, which is usually located on very luxurious and large sites, makes life much easier. There is also a video intercom system in the flats that do not have a smart home system.

  1. Qualified Interior Design

All large residential complexes are built with first-class workmanship using high-quality materials. Flats for sale in Istanbul have features such as first-class flooring, a central heating system, high-quality sound and heat insulation on the walls, a first-class kitchen cabinet, a bathroom cabinets, and kitchen appliances. Also, most of the flats located in large sites have central air conditioning systems as well as central heating systems.

  1. Location Advantage

For large residential complexes in Istanbul, areas surrounded by social facilities or rapid urban transformation areas are generally chosen. Large residential complexes usually either have a good view or are at the center of all facilities. Also, they are always close to transportation facilities.

  1. Luxury Social Facilities

The residential complexes in Istanbul have very rich social reinforcement areas. Many features such as large green areas, basketball, volleyball, football fields, tennis court, playground, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness, and a cinema hall are available on all sites. The children's playground, which is very important, especially for families with children, is located in all large residential complexes. Some sites also include social areas such as restaurants, markets, and cafes. Thanks to these facilities, residents of the site can meet all their daily needs without leaving their homes.

What distinguishes buying an apartment in residential complexes from others

  1. Indoor Parking Opportunity

One of the most important features of large residential complexes is the car parking area. In the sites where at least one parking area is allocated for each flat, there is a direct elevator from the indoor parking area to the floor where your flat is located. There is also a private parking area for guests.

  1. Luxury Residence Services

There are all the luxury services you may need such as car wash, valet, concierge, reception, cleaning, and technical service in the residential complex in Istanbul. These services increase the comfort and the quality of life of the residents.

  1. A Variety of Options

Residential complexes in Istanbul have a wide variety of flat options. There are all kinds of flat options, from studio flats to 8-room flats. This offers a suitable flat option for every budget.

  1. Renting and Resale Advantage

In recent years, investing in Turkey has become important for foreign investors. Thanks to the facilities and incentives provided by the Turkish Government, the number of foreign investors is increasing every year. Foreigners prefer to buy flats generally to invest in Turkey and they prefer large residential complexes for the flats they will buy. So, if you want the flat you buy to be easily saleable, the most suitable option is apartments in large residential complexes. The flats in the complex, offering a comfortable and comfortable life in every aspect, provide great profits when purchased for investment purposes. People who want to rent flats in Istanbul usually rent flats from places in the complex that have various social facilities and services. In other words, the demand for flats with high quality and rich social facilities in large residential complexes is high.

  1. The Opportunity to Purchase from the Construction Company with Installment Advantage

In large residential complexes in Istanbul, construction companies provide buyers with the opportunity of installment within their own structure without the need for bank loans. Thus, by paying some part of the flat fee as a down payment, you can pay in installments without withdrawing a bank loan.

If you want to buy a flat in Istanbul, you should work with a real estate consultant who can learn all the details about the flat you want to buy and guide you. The real estate consultant will direct you to the project that best suits your needs and minimize your time and money loss. Diyar Turk Real Estate is always ready to provide the best service with its professional real estate consultants.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. You can contact us via our website or e-mail address.

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