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Learn about the different forms of Istanbul real estateimage

Learn about the different forms of Istanbul real estate


Istanbul is characterized by the fact that it contains many real estate diversities, and this is one of the first reasons that made it the focus of the attention of many. It has provided them with the properties they are looking for. Also, this feature comes together with several other features, which made it an ideal destination. But what types of real estate in Istanbul are there? What are the features of each of them? All these details we will review through the following lines.
-These are the most important types of real estate in Istanbul. Learn about them:

First: Residential real estate:

1- Residential complexes:

These Residential complexes in Istanbul are considered one of the most options that everyone is looking for, because of their advantages as they are provided with security and protection, where surveillance cameras are distributed everywhere, alarms, and security guards. Also, their decorations are characterized by modernity and sophistication, and luxury, in addition to its large areas, which ensures great privacy for those who live in it. We must point out that these complexes are designed to be earthquake-resistant. Also, they are attached to many recreational services where playgrounds/places are designated for children's play. The apartments of these complexes are characterized by their wonderful view of the green spaces in most cases. Whoever chooses to live in them chooses less responsibilities and high luxury. The same is true for real estate investment, as its returns will be high and satisfactory.

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2- Villas:

Istanbul is also famous for the presence of villas of all three types (tourist/ordinary/historical). Many people like villas in Istanbul because of their advantages in terms of luxury specifications. It can be used in housing and stability and real estate investment can be made as its profits will be abundant Especially in the tourist seasons. It can also be taken as a means to achieve both goals of investment and housing, thanks to its large area.

3- Independent apartments:

Away from the luxury real estate in Istanbul, the city of Istanbul owns independent apartments distributed in a number of its neighborhoods. These apartments do not agree on certain specifications, but differ among themselves according to the region and according to the neighborhood in which they are located. It is considered the favorite of many people, because its prices are modest, especially when compared to residential complexes.

4- Penthouses:

As for this type of apartment, it is characterized by the fact that it provides its residents with an abundance of privacy, based on the fact that it is located on the last floors of the buildings and is surrounded by sound-insulating glass on all sides, as it has large areas. Luxurious specifications and high-quality finishes. Their prices are high, which makes them suitable for a specific category, those who have money and the rich.

5- Duplexes / triplex apartments:

These two apartments in Istanbul share many points where the spacious areas/the high quality of the design/modernity and keeping pace with the latest construction trends in the world but the difference between them is that the duplex apartments are two floors connected to each other by an internal staircase, and the triplex apartments are About three floors they are suitable for large families.

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6-studio apartments

As for studio apartments, they have small areas and as a result, they are only suitable for a specific category, such as students, or those who live alone distinguished by their modest price. But it is advised that those who want to buy them not look for them in modern real estate projects because the Turkish government issued a decision to stop the construction of this type of apartment.

Second: Commercial real estate:

Istanbul is considered the commercial, industrial and vital center in Turkey. It has a number of areas that include many companies and commercial centers. It can be searched for offices/stores/shops/hotels/restaurants/cafes. If you invested in it, its returns will be High, and this is according to the features that Istanbul possesses.
the diversity of Real estate in Istanbul is not limited to a few types but is so vast that it satisfies all tastes. Istanbul was and still is an option for many. Will it be your choice too?

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