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Many ways to evaluate the property in Turkey before buyingimage

Many ways to evaluate the property in Turkey before buying


The most important thing that distinguishes the process of buying a property in Turkey of any kind, whether apartments in Turkey, such as buying an apartment in Turkey or houses in Turkey and buying a house in Turkey is that you can know the real price of this property in Turkey and evaluate it in many ways before you buy it and This ensures that you get what suits you, accurately and perfectly evaluated.

The most important ways to evaluate real estate in Turkey before buying it:

Real estate location in Turkey:

The location of the property in Turkey is one of the most important ways to evaluate real estate in Turkey before buying it, as it is important that you compare the property that you have chosen with other properties located in the same area in which this property is located, or compare it with properties located very close to it. And if you find that these properties have the same features and components as the property you desire, then you will make sure that your evaluation of the property is correct and ideal. It is important to note that the process of evaluating real estate in Turkey according to the location of the property is not a correct and beneficial process Unless the properties are compared to each other within the same area, and if you compare the property you have chosen with properties in other areas, this will not give a correct result, and the matter is due to the fact that real estate prices in Turkey vary greatly between one area and another, even within the city The same, especially within the major cities in Turkey because of the wide geographical area and therefore the availability of multiple options, and each of them has advantages and elements that determine the price of real estate in Turkey.

The price per square meter of real estate in Turkey:

Having some information about important details related to the real estate market in Turkey is very helpful in understanding the process of determining and evaluating the property in Turkey, as sufficiently familiarizing with the prices per square meter of the property within the area in which it is located helps very much in evaluating the property with knowledge The price per square meter within the marine areas is different from the price of its counterpart in the interior regions, in addition to the fact that the price of this square meter located in the city center is completely different from the price of the same square meter located in the suburbs or outskirts of the same city, so it is considered a process of comparing the price per square meter One square between properties that are located within the same area is a good way to evaluate real estate in Turkey and determine whether the price you are paying for this property is appropriate or excessive.

real estate prices in turkey

Real estate prices in Turkey within the new buildings:

Paying attention to such a point will make it very easy for you to evaluate the property in Turkey. When comparing the price of the property you want to buy with the prices of other properties, this comparison process must take place between properties that are similar in terms of construction age, i.e. the period of time that has passed since its construction It is illogical to compare the price of a property located within a modern housing project that has only been a short time since it was opened and built with the price of a property located in an old building whose construction age may reach five or ten years, as without hesitation you will find that the difference There is a difference between real estate prices between these two buildings that may reach up to fifteen or twenty percent as an increase in favor of new construction.

The direction and height of real estate in Turkey:

Such specifications are very vital, especially when it comes to real estate in Turkey and determining its price, as it is classified as one of the most important factors that determine the decrease or rise in real estate prices in Turkey. Each of them has the same specifications as the other property, and within one residential building, you will find that there is a difference between the price of these two properties that may range between five and ten percent. The reason for this difference in price is due to the side that each of these two properties overlooks, especially that each Both sides have a different view from its counterpart. A property that has a sea view or a view of the main road will obviously have a higher price compared to a property that has a view of the interior scenes from the residential building garden, the apartment complex, or its back side.

buying real estate in turkey

In addition to the fact that the height of the property in Turkey also plays an important role in determining its price. The higher the floor in which the property is located, the more this means that its price will rise exponentially. The explanation for this is that the height of its floor means that it reveals more distinctive views and more wonderful scenes. On the city , which explains the large discrepancy in real estate prices in Turkey on the first floor compared to real estate on the last floor , especially Turkey 's real estate that is located within the high - rise residential towers .

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