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Prices of apartments in Istanbul in Saudi riyalsimage

Prices of apartments in Istanbul in Saudi riyals


In recent years, real estate in Turkey has turned into a popular market due to several laws passed by the Turkish government. These laws opened the door to real estate ownership for foreign investors, through incentives at least described as attractive incentives. These laws not only transformed real estate ownership into a simple equation that attracted the interest of many investors to solve but also made it an opportunity that could give you a passport that enables you to enter more than 100 countries. The demand for real estate is still increasing clearly until the moment, as evidenced by the numbers and statistics issued by the Turkish statistical institutions day after day based on the smallest details about the prices of apartments in Istanbul and the types of properties sold, types of buyers, as well as other important statistical information.

First, what is the average price of an apartment in Istanbul in dollars?

There is no doubt that every district in Istanbul has its characteristics, in terms of real estate types, features, services, and means of transportation, in addition to its location in the Asian part of the city or the European part. When searching for a new property in Istanbul, the price differences become clear, which we try to explain in the following lines.

apartments in Istanbul

What are the most important elements in determining the price of an apartment in Istanbul?

In terms of location and views:

  • Distance and proximity to the city center.
  • How far the property is from or far from major transportation, such as the airport, metro or metro-bus lines, or important streets and roads.  
  • Proximity to and distance from tourist places such as lakes, public parks, archaeological sites of famous mosques, palaces, ancient castles, museums, and other places of entertainment.
  • The location of the property near important major projects affects the importance of the site and increases the prices of its properties, such as Canal Istanbul, Istanbul Airport, and shopping malls in Istanbul, as these properties witnessed a clear increase in their prices.

In terms of property specifications:

  • The age of the building or the property, as determining the price of the property depends mainly on its operational life, and of course, the new properties are more expensive than the old ones.
  • The specifications and finishes of the property, as the prices of low-service properties or poor-quality finishes are not equal to their high-quality counterparts.
  • The location of the property in the building, apartment complexes, for example, has many facilities such as swimming pools, clubs, restaurants, and central heating services, while the property located in a normal building does not have any of these services.
  • The historical value of the building: old Istanbul real estate or houses and mansions of historical value for sale in this authentic city have exceptional values ​​that cannot be measured as usual. The prices of some of these mansions can be very high, which creates a very large profit opportunity for investors.

apartments in Istanbul

How do you calculate the average price of real estate in Istanbul?

Calculating the average price of an apartment in Istanbul or a property in any region, as is the case in calculating the average price of any commodity depends on the study of the arithmetic average through which the average price limit in the market can be extrapolated.

What is the average price of apartments in Istanbul in Saudi riyals?

Apartment price in Beylikduzu:

Beylikduzu is located on the European side of Istanbul and is famous for its giant modern projects, wide streets, and luxury residential complexes with beautiful views of the Marmara Sea or Kucukcekmece Lake. Today, Beylikduzu witnesses a shimmering urban scene with luxury projects that rival the most beautiful European real estate. While the price of apartments with 100 square meters here starts from 350 thousand Saudi riyals

Prices of apartments in Esenyurt Istanbul:

The apartments have extensive services such as gardens, indoor swimming pools, private parking, and tennis courts as well. The prices of apartments in Esenyurt with 100 square meters start from 250 thousand Saudi riyals.

Apartment price in Basaksehir - New Istanbul

Basaksehir or New Istanbul, as some call it, is the most modern urban area in Istanbul with its important areas such as Kayasehir, Isparta Kula, and Bahcesehir, which contain many high-end real estate projects. The region has gained great importance over the past years, in parallel with the increase in demand for its properties, which has attracted Arab interest in particular due to its modern construction in addition to its proximity to the Arab environment in terms of morals, its residents, and character, as well as the new Canal Istanbul project that is being planned; It crosses the region, giving its real estate exceptional importance and placing its value next to the values ​​of luxury real estate on the Bosphorus. The price of an apartment in Basaksehir with 100 square meters starts from 500 thousand Saudi riyals.

When asking or searching for the cheapest apartment prices in Istanbul, we recommend looking for suitable options for them in the areas that are currently witnessing a new real estate revolution. With some calculations, whether for the Saudi riyal or other currencies, you will find that the difference in the exchange rate of the currency inside Turkey will be very useful.

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