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Real estate with a charming view in Istanbulimage

Real estate with a charming view in Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey and in the world, where it is headed by tourists and visitors of different nationalities and religions, because of the beautiful nature of this city, its distinctive tourist attractions, its pleasant weather, as well as its view of the charming Bosphorus Strait.

Most of those wishing to buy property in Turkey is keen to enjoy a beautiful view of their homes, especially in a city like Istanbul which is full of landscapes, lakes, seas, and the enchanting Bosphorus.

What are the best areas to buy a property with a beautiful view in Istanbul?

- Zeytinburnu region:

Zeytinburnu is located on the European side of Istanbul, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, Zeytinburnu district is an investment district with high-rise towers, residential complexes, shopping centers, and international five-star hotels.

 Zeytinburnu is located near the center of Istanbul, which is separated from it only by the ancient walls of Constantinople. It is only 20 minutes away from Ataturk International Airport, where the Turkish government started the first phase of the process of converting it into a public recreational eco-park called "People Park". Ataturk International Airport is planned to be a public park with walking paths, bike paths, family-friendly spaces, cafes, and various public services, and the surrounding buildings are planned to be converted into exhibition and conference centers. Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul New Airport is about 40 minutes away, which makes the eyes of investors and those wishing to buy property in Istanbul go to this wonderful area.

Zeytinburnu has a charming view of the sea, which gives it a distinctive character and makes it the focus of attention for those looking for real estate investment in Istanbul.

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- Beylikduzu area:

Beylikduzu is considered the new cultural face of Istanbul, as it is located on the European side of Istanbul and enjoys sea views of the Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece Lake.

Beylikduzu area is characterized by the availability of the main services in it, where there are schools, universities, and major shopping centers such as Marmara Park Mall, in addition to the presence of commercial and investment centers in Beylikduzu, and public transportation that is easily accessible to transport you to all parts of Istanbul.

Beylikduzu is considered one of the most beautiful areas for investors and those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey, as it has witnessed many civilized developments that have increased its importance and beauty, making it the ideal destination for investors in Turkey and it is an ideal area for investment, work, and stability in Istanbul.

Beylikduzu is also one of the health areas free of pollutants, as it is far from factories and harmful exhausts, in addition to the culture of vegetation, green spaces, and gardens.

- Bakirkoy area

One of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul includes several high-end neighborhoods. Bakirkoy is located on the European side of the Turkish city of Istanbul, and it is one of the coastal areas overlooking the Marmara Sea. Bakirkoy is distinguished from the rest of Istanbul by its strategic location near the city center, as it is located next to Florya district and Zeytinburnu district, an investment area where towers, residential complexes, shopping centers, and international five-star hotels rise, which is one of the most suitable areas for investment and housing.

Bakirkoy, located on the European side of Istanbul, is characterized by its long beach on the Sea of ​​Marmara, which undoubtedly contributes to the moderation of its climate and the beauty of its nature, making it a destination for those wishing to spend time there. The happiest times are in the unique complexes and facilities that the region embraces.

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Florya district is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Bakirkoy district. Florya neighborhood has a charming view of the Marmara Sea, and (Florya Garden) which follows the residential neighborhood of Florya, the garden extends along the Marmara Sea in a breathtaking view, especially at sunset. Near the park, there is a large palace overlooking the sea. It is a museum visited by tourists. Entry to Florya Park is free, and the restaurant prices are also cheap, and it is one of the municipal restaurants in Bakirkoy. The garden is decorated with the most beautiful tulips in different colors and includes many recreational activities, especially for children, such as children's games, a car racing track, sports running track, and a plant nursery.

- Uskudar region:

Uskudar district is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus from the eastern side, and covers an area of ​​about 58 square kilometers.

Uskudar is considered one of the most prestigious tourist areas in Istanbul, due to its high-end historical landmarks such as towers, palaces, and mosques from the Greek era to the Ottoman era, in addition to many natural parks famous for their panoramic height, revealing the beauty of the city, making it one of the most important places on the side Asian from Istanbul to stay, and one of the best tourist areas in Turkey.

Even geographically, Istanbul has a unique geographical and rocky contrast that includes many highlands and plateaus overlooking the rest of the city, in addition to its distinctive sea views. In general, whether as luxury housing, medium-quality villas, or even for rent, you can find your goal here and of course, you will have a great time.

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