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For these reasons Iraqis invest in real estate in Turkeyimage

For these reasons Iraqis invest in real estate in Turkey


Many people and investors around the world with different nationalities, Arab or foreign, are investing in real estate in Turkey today which is really surprising that despite their wide differences and their emergence from different places, they agreed on the idea of ​​investing in Turkey and that Based on many of the elements and many advantages that Turkey possesses. Those who hold Iraqi citizenship have chosen Turkey too. But what were the reasons that encouraged them to take this step? Was their choice right? This is what can be discovered through the following lines.
These were the reasons why the Iraqis chose Turkey for real estate investment:

1- Their deteriorating condition:

The Iraqi presence in Turkey for the purpose of investment is not new today, but rather old. This is because of the deteriorating and harsh conditions in the Iraqi state, where the difficult economic conditions and the difficulty of investing in their land, Turkey had the most stable conditions On many levels. For example, the stable economic conditions contributed to attracting their attention, as this aspect ensures that their investments are not lost, and the same is true on the political level, where there is no possibility of any disputes.
Moreover, Turkish society is united and rapidly integrating. The foreigner will not find himself a stranger among them, but it is easy to make many friendships.

real estate investment in Turkey

2- The geographical location of Turkey:

Also, the proximity of the Turkish state to the Iraqi state contributed greatly to the fact that it was their favorite destination. Today, the number of Iraqis on Turkish soil has reached about one and a half million people. The great similarity between the customs, traditions, and social systems among them had a role in attracting them.

3- modifiable Turkish laws:

The Turkish government stood by the Iraqi investors in a positive way, as it did with other investors of other nationalities. Whereas the reduced taxes suit their level of income and profits, and the cases are exempted from them. And the ease of procedures required for the ownership of the real estate in Turkey where can be within A few days and may not exceed a week after the purchase transaction is made.

4- Turkish citizenship is the main motivator:

It is important to point out that the Turkish citizenship granted to them by the Turkish government is one of the elements that encouraged them. When their property is of no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, they will be able to apply for it. Also, they must be committed not to sell it Three years before the date of its purchase.
if the property does not comply with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, the owner will be able to obtain a real estate residence permit, which in turn carries a number of advantages and positive details, as it is simply possible to obtain it, and it is also renewable and entitles those who hold it to live legally on board the Turkish state.

5- The diversity in real estate:

Turkey is rich in many types of real estate that it owns, which suit the requirements of investors from all sides. Among the most important of these types are the residential complexes, which are considered their favorite, as they are decorated with many advantages, but at very high prices. There are villas and independent apartments of all these types, and Iraqi investors will find what they are looking for.

buying real estate in Turkey

6- Turkey is a cultural environment:

Based on the fact that it witnessed the existence of many civilizations and cultures, today it has become a wonderful cultural incubator. It is possible to get an idea of ​​a culture through its museums/mosques/palaces/castles and forts. In addition, it is a first-class recreational environment where many aspects of nature are widespread In its lands, there are many malls, famous shopping centers, various restaurants, high-end cafes, and places for children to play.
The investors who hold Iraqi citizenship have found the country a safe haven and an integrated environment. Based on all the points mentioned in the previous lines, they chose it as others did. The Turkish patch was and still is an option for Arabs in general. Will it be your choice as well?

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