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The Best Way to Start Real Estate Investing


Real estate investment in Turkey has recently become one of the most important investment trends for foreign investors, as various statistics and reports show the presence of an increasing number of new arrivals to Turkey to obtain the opportunity to buy property in Turkey to invest in particular, and with the increasing number of these investors New forms and various opportunities began to appear in real estate investment opportunities in Turkey in line with the different requirements of each of them, and what encouraged the increasing number of investors is that the real estate market in Turkey can meet the various needs of foreign and local investors as well as the case and if you take The idea of real estate investment in Turkey is taken into account, so you must gather sufficient information about the best ways to start real estate investment in Turkey.

The best ways to start real estate investment in Turkey:

Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey

Commercial real estate in Turkey is one of the best ways to start investing in it, because it is classified as a commercial method to ensure the preservation of capital without exposure to large losses that may lead to negative effects on your real estate investment project, in addition, the reason that it is one of the most The investment methods, preferred by investors, is that the percentage of profits in them is high if they are compared with other investment methods and projects, as they return to you an attractive and increase profit if these projects are managed accurately and according to the correct steps.

Many Turkish cities are famous for being ideal places to buy a commercial property in Turkey to invest, but Istanbul stands out in particular in this field. In addition to all of the above, investing in commercial real estate in Turkey is diverse and has multiple opportunities that you can choose Including what suits you and achieves your ambitions.

real estate investment in turkey

* Investing in Shops

In the eyes of many investors, this type of real estate investment is considered one of the best types of real estate investment in Turkey, because it is characterized by diversity, ease of access, and its spread in various regions and cities, especially in Istanbul, as it provides investors with many options available to choose the shop that meets the requirements His commercial project to be a profitable investment opportunity.

* Investment in Commercial Stores

Investing in the warehouse sector or the so-called warehouses, especially those located within the city of Istanbul, is a promising investment option, as Istanbul is one of the most active cities when it comes to the trade sector, not only at the level of Turkey but at the level of the region as a whole.

* Investment in Commercial Offices

What attracts investors towards buying property in Turkey that bears the status of a commercial office is the multiplicity of possibilities to benefit from it and invest in it, as this office can be rented to companies looking for a headquarters, and what makes investing in such real estate in Turkey a guaranteed thing is that companies open and It is constantly growing in Turkey, especially within major cities that witness an important and continuous trade movement, such as Istanbul.

* Investing in Hotels

The classification of investment in hotels among the list of the best ways to start real estate investment in Turkey is because the resulting profits are long-term, as investing in hotels or hotel apartments in Turkey means the flow of investment returns continuously and for a long time, due to the high demand for them in Turkey has been classified as one of the most important tourist countries in the world, and the number of tourists who visit Turkey every year is high and it is guaranteed.

Investing in Residential Real Estate in Turkey

Investing in residential real estate means investing in Turkey’s diverse real estate for housing, such as villas in Turkey, houses in Turkey, and apartments in Turkey. Real estate investments in Turkey’s residential real estate are classified as one of the best ways to start investing in Turkey due to its possession of several factors and Distinguished as it provides a guaranteed profit for its investors, and because it is a good investment, whatever city you choose, this type of investment is recommended in all Turkish cities, especially Istanbul, Antalya and Alanya, and investing in Turkey's residential real estate It falls under two types:

* Selling Real Estate in Turkey

This includes buying an apartment in Turkey, buying a house in Turkey, or buying villas in Turkey, which may be ready-to-move properties in advance or they may be properties that are still under construction, and in both cases, each of them constitutes an excellent source of profits.

buying property in turkey

* Leasing

This type of real estate investment in Turkey is considered the most preferred by foreign investors, as they usually buy a property in Turkey and then rent this property. The properties in Turkey that are rented achieve steady and increasing profits as the rent in Turkey rises every year by more than ten percent.

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