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Black sea areas and their importance in real estate sectorimage

Black sea areas and their importance in real estate sector


The interest of Arab Investors in the Black Sea Region

The Black Sea region is the geographical region in the north of Turkey, extending along the Black Sea coastline to the Georgian border. The Black Sea region, which has a mild climate, is a region that attracts attention with its magnificent nature. The Black Sea region consists of three parts: west, middle and east. Especially the eastern Black Sea region attracts great attention with its magnificent natural beauties, lush nature, forests, mountains, and plateaus. The perfect harmony and unity of green and blue attract thousands of people. This region, through which the historical Silk Road passes, is also of great strategic importance. Trabzon, located in the Black Sea Region, is one of the oldest commercial port cities in Anatolia. The region, which has many important cultural and historical heritage, is one of the important tourist destinations of Turkey.

This region, which has attracted many investors from the Gulf countries in recent years, has also become an important place in terms of the real estate sector. Arab investors, who are affected by the nature and climate of the Eastern Black Sea Region, have purchased many real estates from the region, especially Trabzon and Rize, in recent years. In this article, we will mention the Black Sea areas and their importance in the real estate sector.

The Black Sea Areas and the Importance in the Real Estate Sector

The cities in the Black Sea region are greatly affected by geographical features. The development of the city is largely shaped by geographical conditions. The cities located in the eastern Black Sea region are places with limited development since they are generally located on the coast and mountainous regions. The cities in the west and the middle Black Sea region continue their development as they are located in more suitable areas for settlement.

When we look at the Black Sea region in general, it is observed that the development has shifted towards the east. New developing areas attract the attention of prestigious companies and investors and provide the development of the real estate sector in the Black Sea region.

There has been an intense demand from Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Jordan) for the eastern Black Sea region, which stands out, especially with its green areas. The region, which is a center of attraction in terms of real estate, comes to the fore with international investments. Foreign investors, who prefer Trabzon, Rize, and Ordu mostly for real estate investment, invest in residences with large areas such as 3+1 and 4+1.

real estate investment in the black sea area

  1. Trabzon

Trabzon, one of the largest provinces of Turkey and the eastern Black Sea region, draws attention with its rainy and mild climate and magnificent nature. It has a wide range of historical, cultural, and natural heritage such as local cuisine with magnificent flavors, nature sports activities, Sumela Monastery and Uzungol. The real estate sector has developed in Trabzon upon the intense demand from the Gulf countries. Buying real estate in Trabzon, which promises a very bright future, would be a lucrative choice.

  1. Rize

Rize, located in the eastern Black Sea region, is one of the greenest cities in Turkey. Rize is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year and it fascinates the visiting tourists. Arab tourists who visit Rize for touristic purposes admire the nature of the city. The interest of tourists who invest in Rize by purchasing real estate in Rize, where they admire its nature and climate, is increasing day by day.

  1. Artvin

Artvin is a land border city with Georgia, located in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. Artvin, which has mountainous and rugged geography, is also home to magnificent natural areas and national parks. The city, which stands out with its natural beauties, historical structure, and cultural wealth, has made great progress in nature tourism in recent years. Artvin offers many alternatives to tourists with its many historical monuments such as historical monasteries, churches, mosques, and bridges, as well as alternative sports such as trekking trails in natural beauties, rafting on rivers, and canoeing. Artvin, which hosts a magnificent nature, attracts the attention of foreign investors. According to a study conducted by the Land Registry and Cadastre Regional Directorate, housing sales to foreigners in Artvin increase every year.

  1. Ordu

Ordu, the 30th most populous city in Turkey, is a Black Sea city that stands out with its historical riches and natural beauties. With its ever-increasing tourism potential, Ordu welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists in all seasons. The increasing tourism dynamism in Ordu in recent years has also been reflected in real estate sales. Arab tourists, especially Saudi Arabian tourists, who visited the city for touristic purposes, started to invest in the region by purchasing real estate in Ordu.

  1. Giresun

Giresun, located in the east of the Black Sea, is a city in Turkey that is famous for its hazelnut production. The interest of foreign investors in Giresun, which has magnificent plateaus and natural beauties, has increased considerably in recent years. In Giresun, which stands out with its plateau tourism, many foreign real estates, especially in Arab countries, are purchased. Giresun is the third city in the eastern Black Sea region where the most house sales are made to foreigners.

The real estate sector in the Black Sea areas promises a bright future. Buying real estate in the Black Sea areas emerges as a lucrative choice. In addition, the demand for rent is also high due to the high tourism potential in the region. Investing in real estate in the Black Sea region is an option that you can use your money wisely. You may need professional assistance to purchase real estate in the Black Sea areas. Working with a professional real estate consultant who will guide you and offer the most suitable real estate for your wishes and budget will make your real estate purchasing process much easier. A reliable real estate consultant, who will be with you at every stage of your purchasing process, will assist you with the services it provides during the after-sales process.

buying property in the black sea area

The Black Sea Region, which shines in recent years, and its importance in the real estate sector is increasing. If you want to know more about the Black Sea areas and the importance of the real estate sector you can contact the professional real estate consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. You can contact us via our website or e-mail address.

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