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The Coronavirus Vaccine Implementations Will Begin in Turkeyimage

The Coronavirus Vaccine Implementations Will Begin in Turkey


The covid-19 pandemic, which emerged in China during these months of last year and affected living in Turkey and the whole world adversely, continues to have its effects. In order to get rid of the virus and return to normal life (prior to the virus) all over the world, intensive vaccine development studies have started. The vaccines of several companies that successfully completed their vaccine studies and were successful in trials have started to be implemented in some countries. Turkey will be also one of the first countries in the world to begin the vaccine implementation early.

The coronavirus vaccines produced by Chinese company has reached Turkey, vaccination will begin in two weeks after the testing process in Turkey

CoronaVac the coronavirus vaccine produced in China has reached Turkey

The coronavirus vaccine, which departed from China on December 29, 2020, landed at Ankara Esenboğa Airport in the morning on December 30, 2020. In the first stage, the 14-day test period of the 3 million doses of vaccine will begin, and immediately after the testing process, vaccination implementations will begin.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, announcing the road map of vaccination, said that: "27 thousand Family Health Centers will play an effective and rapid role in the process. State hospitals and private hospitals will also become a part of this process. Hospitals will vaccinate after 16:00 by an appointment system." The vaccine can be implemented by at least a million people in Turkey a day with the cooperation of state and private hospitals. It is planned to vaccinate 1.5 million people with three million doses of vaccine in the first stage.

The CoronaVac vaccine, which has a 91,25 percent protection rate, is a vaccine produced according to an old method, the inactive virus technique. In other words, it is aimed to make people immune to the disease by giving a virus that loses its infectious properties. The CoronaVac vaccine produced by the Chinese company Sinovac has an important advantage in terms of storage and transportation and can be stored at a normal refrigerator temperature.

The coronavirus vaccines will be made in four stages against the Covid-19 pandemic, which is adversely affected the living in Turkey

The coronavirus vaccine implementation will be done at four-stage in Turkey

In vaccination implementations to be carried out in four stages, people will be able to learn when to be vaccinated from the e-Nabız application or their family doctor. The stages of vaccination implementations planned to be carried out in four stages are as follows:

  • In the first stage, healthcare workers, citizens over the age of 65, the elderly, the disabled, those staying in protection houses, and adults living in crowded places will be vaccinated.
  • In the second stage, employees in high-risk environments, those working in sectors necessary for the functioning of society and those working in critical jobs, and citizens over the age of 50 and with at least one chronic illness will be vaccinated.
  • In the third stage, citizens under the age of 50 with at least one chronic illness, young adults, workers in sectors, and professions not included in the first two stages will be vaccinated.
  • In the fourth stage, all individuals other than the first three groups will be vaccinated.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said that an intensive vaccination will be made in January, February, and March. Mr. Koca said that "with the cooperation of state and private hospitals, at least one million 100 thousand people can be vaccinated daily" and he stated that vaccination studies can be completed in a short time.

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