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The main reasons for buying a property in Turkeyimage

The main reasons for buying a property in Turkey


Real estate in Turkey is classified as one of the best real estate in the world, as it competes with real estate in European countries because of its many advantages that match international standards and at a competitive price as well compared to other countries. Turkey has many advantages such as the geographical location, the moderate climate, the huge infrastructure, the promising economy, and many other things that encourage Arabs and foreigners alike to buy property in Turkey for residence and stability or for the purpose of real estate investment in Turkey. In this article, we will list some of the encouraging reasons and features for buying a property in Turkey.

Reasons to buy a property in Turkey:

1- You can find a property for sale in Turkey at very acceptable prices, and the Turkish real estate market has become a popular place to display various types of real estate such as: apartments for sale in Turkey, villas for sale in Turkey, apartments for sale in installments in Turkey, most of which also enable you to obtain Turkish citizenship . The real estate market in Turkey has entered the international market, real estate has launched very widely and low house prices have attracted foreigners of different nationalities, and these low prices have enabled many customers to buy property in Turkey directly without mortgages or bank credit

buying property in Turkey

2- Turkey has amazing natural views, there are sea and mountain views, lakes, amazing green spaces and many more.

3- There are also many attractions that draw attention in Turkey, such as the wonderful climate, the promising economy, and the huge real estate market that achieves remarkable growth every day, and there are many tourist and historical attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. These landmarks are always a profitable option for real estate and commercial investment.

4- Huge portfolio to benefit from: The growth of the real estate market and the recognition of talented architects has resulted in a real estate revolution in Turkey with unprecedented diversity, where foreign buyers have a wide choice of luxury and budget apartments and villas under construction, new construction, resale, renovation and in many cities within Istanbul like Basaksehir, Sultan Eyup, up to luxury homes overlooking the sea that contain all the latest modern amenities, and it is this diversity that encourages the search for an apartment in Istanbul for a specific work such as establishing a company or the like.

5- Turkey is ideal for long-term investment: For those looking for a long-term investment, investments in Turkey and Istanbul in particular are encouraging and have the ability to provide a huge return, and experts often recommend that real estate investment is the best long-term investment. Real estate is very vital and encouraging However, buyers in Turkey have added advantages that make them permanent investors, as real estate prices in Turkey have reached an average that suits everyone already, through annual and periodic maintenance, if the property in Turkey is well taken care of, it will have huge potential to achieve high profits in long-term investment. duration.

real estate investment in Turkey
6- Suitable lifestyle: Although low real estate prices are a big attraction, the comfortable lifestyle attracts people and investors undoubtedly for permanent living and stability, most of them prefer the coastal cities on the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas in order to be able to enjoy life on the beach.

7- The cost of living is low: Turkey is considered one of the best areas to live in around the world, people usually invest a lot of money in countries such as Britain, France and Spain to buy a house there, and they may not realize that the cost of living and buying a property in Turkey is much lower, with European quality that competes Latest Countries For buyers who love Turkey, one of the reasons for buying property in Turkey was the low cost of living, although red meat and gasoline are expensive, weekly shopping for fruits, vegetables and cheese can be cheap in local markets, regarding With household bills, there is no TV license, the municipal tax is not comparable to other countries, and utilities such as water and electricity can cost a small amount per month depending on usage.

8- The distinguished geographical location: Turkey ranks thirty-seventh among the largest countries in the world, and a group of cities spread from east to west attract foreign buyers, as most of them settle on the coasts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, except for Istanbul, which tends to attract expatriate workers and investors and owners of capital.

9- It includes several famous places such as the Bodrum Peninsula, which is often visited by wealthy celebrities, and which is characterized by its picturesque scenery in particular.

10- Food, Culture and Hospitality: In addition to the convenient lifestyle and low cost of living, clients also list Turkish food, culture and hospitality as the main reasons for buying a property in Turkey. The kitchen still places great emphasis on fresh ingredients to prepare delicious home-cooked meals, much like the food system. The Mediterranean diet, often called the healthiest diet in the world.

11- Turkish culture and hospitality surround foreigners, which is one of the things that encourage buying a property in Turkey. Hospitality is important, and the result is that many different nationalities feel welcome in Turkey.

12- The process of buying real estate is smooth: foreigners became able to buy real estate for the first time in 2001, and since then the authorities have constantly simplified and revised the buying and selling process that attracted foreign investors to the real estate market from abroad, whether they are Arabs or foreigners. Apartment prices are acceptable and they can easily Own real estate in any region within Turkey.

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