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The most beautiful areas of Istanbul for tourism 2021image

The most beautiful areas of Istanbul for tourism 2021


Istanbul in brief

The city of Istanbul is one of the most important cities of Turkey, formerly known as Constantinople, and was also known by many other names such as Astana, Constantinople, and it was also known as Byzantium, as it was the capital of the ancient Byzantine Empire. It is said that the name Byzantium is derived from the word Byzas, which is the name of the legendary leader who built it in 657 BC. In 196 AD, it was demolished as a result of the civil war, but the Roman emperor called Septimius Severus rebuilt it; He was the one who had demolished it in the beginning and named it Augusta in honor of his son. In the year 330 AD, Constantine the Great made the city his capital and named it New Rome. This city witnessed great history and feats, as he worked on building and preserving many historical figures that are still being talked about to this day, as it is a city with a great historical heritage.

Istanbul is the largest Turkish city, and the second-largest city in the world in terms of population density, and is considered the economic, social, and tourist center of Turkey. It is also characterized by its seaport, which connects its Asian and European sides through the famous Bosphorus Bridge. The European section of Istanbul is called Thrace, and the Asian section is known as Anatolia. Istanbul's strategic location has made it one of the most important tourist cities that many people visit from all countries, Arabs, and foreigners. It is a destination for tourists thanks to its location, history, climate, and many of the wonderful advantages and factors that Istanbul enjoys.

tourist places in Istanbul

The best tourist areas in Istanbul

When you go to a city like Istanbul, you should plan where you want to go, you cannot go randomly, this will cause you the trouble of getting tired from long distances. A huge city like Istanbul is better to be well planned for and to set a table containing the places to be visited. The tourist areas in Istanbul are many and very large, the most important of which are:

Taksim Square: Taksim Square is one of the most important squares in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. It is a well-known square, with global fame, and one of the best places for tourism in Istanbul. It contains a very large number of restaurants and cafes known for their delicious dishes that attract many tourists and they are considered and cheap prices. Taksim Square is the center of the modern city and one of the most important tourist attractions. The Republic Monument is located in it, which represents the fifth anniversary of the declaration of the state of Turkey. Taksim Square is considered one of the best tourist destinations for visitors, as it is located in the heart of the city, close to restaurants, cafes, hotels, transportation, and all that any tourist needs will be found in this square.

Sultanahmet District: It is one of the most famous tourist areas of Istanbul and a great destination for tourists. Sultanahmet Square contains many famous tourist sites such as the Giant Column and the famous German Fountain, in addition to many huge and luxurious hotels that provide a lot of services to their guests. For lovers of the hustle and bustle of the city, there are many restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can buy souvenirs and take pictures. When we mention the Sultanahmet area, we must mention its most important and famous landmarks that can never be missed, which is the Great Hagia Sophia Mosque, which is one of the most important places for tourism on Sultanahmet Street, especially after it was opened in recent years and worshipers from all over the world flock to it. You can spend the best times in it enjoying its distinctive designs and decorations, its brick stones, in addition to the original mosaic panels, and the remnants of the remains of the Ottomans, so a group of historians considers it the eighth wonder of the world. The Sultanahmet area is very rich in tourist attractions, and it has everything a tourist needs.

tourist places in Istanbul

Istanbul Museums: When we talk about tourism, we must mention the most important destinations that the tourist will visit, namely museums. Istanbul museums are considered one of the best places for tourism in Istanbul, as the city of Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in Turkey and its roots are rooted in history and contain many tourist and archaeological attractions, including diverse and ancient museums

Topkapi Museum: It is a museum rich in archaeological and historical artifacts, gifts, and jewelry that were presented to princesses. It includes spacious halls from the inside overlooking the Bosphorus, as well as balconies with decorations and inscriptions in Ottoman letters, and the Haramlek with 250 rooms rich in Chinese and European ceramics, weapons, clothes and chariots, jewelry from precious stones, medals, and objects made of precious metals such as gold and silver. One of its most important pillars is the Kherqqat Al-Sa’ada pavilion. It contains the sacred trusts such as the sword of the Prophet, peace be upon him, the footprint of his foot, his bow, hairs from his honorable beard, and some of his items, in addition to the swords of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, the turban of Yusuf, peace be upon him, and many other sacred trusts. It is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Istanbul. It is a destination for many Arab and foreign Muslims interested in historical Islamic affairs. You may see many people coming to Istanbul for tourism in museums only. There are many ancient and distinguished museums in Istanbul, such as the Chocolate Museum and the Snow Museum.  

In the end, Istanbul is one of the most important cities that always seeks to develop its tourism sector remarkably, as the government always seeks to establish projects and develop promising plans to improve all aspects. The city is very rich in tourist areas such as squares, gardens, mosques, and museums. Istanbul is the best choice for anyone who wants to have an unforgettable tourist trip.

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