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The most beautiful winter tourism places in Turkey 2021-2022image

The most beautiful winter tourism places in Turkey 2021-2022


Are you planning a trip to Turkey? Here's a quick guide on its beaches, cultural sites, shopping malls, and cruise destinations - specifically all the best places to visit in Turkey. Sometimes all we need is a vacation, away from the monotony of city life, the constant noise of social media, and course the traffic! But it is often difficult to choose a destination. If your heart says the beach, your mind longs for a rich historical site. It is very rare to find a place that has just about everything. Turkey is one of these rare gems. Turkey's main tourist attractions cater to people with diverse interests, especially those looking for some rich adventure. It is adorned with a stunning coastline, attractive villages, and an unparalleled cultural legacy.

Kabak Bay

If you are in Turkey, visiting places like Kabak Valley near Fethiye will be very easy as you can simply hire a taxi to enjoy its amazing beauty. Or if you are adventurous, you can always opt for a day hike. It is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Turkey.

Things to do: Hiking, water sports, nature photography

Best time to visit: Spring or Autumn

Best places to stay: tree houses, sea valley huts.

winter tourism places in Turkey

Butterfly Valley

One of the best places to visit in Turkey. You can relax on a hammock, sip your favorite drink, and enjoy campfires and music at the Rock Bar. It is one of the most famous places in Turkey to visit.

Things to do: camping, parasailing, paragliding, snorkeling, mountain climbing

Best places to stay: Hotel Seaview Faralya Butik, Hotel Nautical


Among the places to see in Turkey is Patara, the longest beach in Turkey. There are a few reasonably priced beach cafes with umbrellas and deck chairs. If you are lucky, you can watch the sunset and moonrise at the same time from the top of the dunes. This place is very charming, it is among the most famous places to visit in Turkey.

Things to do: Sightseeing, horse riding, exploring Patara ruins, water sports at Patara Beach.

Best times to visit: April, May, October, and November

Best places to stay: Patara Prince Hotel & Resort, Patara Sun Club Hotel

Princes Island

Princes Island is among the major tourist attractions in Istanbul, Turkey. The best thing here is the silence - buggies and horse-drawn bikes are available instead of motorized vehicles. Best places to visit in Turkey for those looking for peace and solitude. Travelers sometimes end up spending up to 6-7 days in Turkey just to see the magic of Princes Island.

Things to do: Hiking, ferry ride, sightseeing, shopping

Best time to visit: April to May and September to October

Best places to stay: Kosk Orman Hotel, Ada Palace Boutique Hotel


One of the best places to visit in Turkey, Cappadocia is the result of a volcanic eruption. Explore the place with horseback riding, and balloon rides, and do not forget to have Turkish tea. It is one of the best cities in Turkey that will make you feel in awe. This is one place you should explore if you are visiting Turkey in September or October.

Things To Do: Visit Goreme National Park, visit Different Valley, explore Love Valley, visit Pasabag

Best time to visit: April to June, September, and October.

Best places to stay: Hotel Natureland Cave, Hotel Evi Cave

winter tourism places in Turkey

Hagia Sophia Museum

If your first destination is Istanbul, do not forget to visit the famous Hagia Sophia, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Turkey. A church was built by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century and converted into a mosque about 900 years later. It is one of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul and one of the best places to visit in Turkey.

Things to do: Explore nearby places and learn about the history of the place

Entry fee: 60 TL per person.

Free for children under 12 years old.

Timings: 9 AM - 5 PM

Mount Nimrod

You can not miss this in the list of famous places in Turkey. This historic site, the eighth wonder of the world, is located on the ancient road of Arsameia and is studded with colossal statues of King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene, two lions, two eagles, and various Greek and Persian deities.

Things to do: Explore the nearby places like Cendere Bridge, Karakus, etc.

Best time to visit: May and September

Best places to stay: Zeus Hotel, Gunes Motel Nemrut


Located in Selcuk, a small town 30 km from Kusadasi, the ancient city of Ephesus is one of the best tourist places in Turkey that you can visit to get some much-needed peace. It was once an active mall and now it is among the best places to go in Turkey now. This is among the best places to visit in Turkey. Although most of it is in ruins, some buildings such as the Great Theater and the Library of Celsus can still be seen.

Things to do: Souvenir shopping, sightseeing

Best time to visit: March to mid-June

Best places to stay: Celsus Boutique Hotel, Ayasuluk Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

Many places are classified as tourist par excellence in Turkey. Frankly, we cannot mention all of them, as the main ones are classified as 82 sites. There are probably thousands of them. In general, Turkey remains the jewel of tourism in the region between Asia and Europe and brings both cultures together.

Have you ever visited any of these places?

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