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The normalization process after covid-19image

The normalization process after covid-19


The biggest step in the normalization process in Turkey was taken today

The Covid-19 outbreak that occurred in Wuhan city of China and affected the whole world, is losing influence day after day in Turkey. The restrictions and prohibitions that have been going on for 3 months are stretching as part of the normalization process as of today. In Turkey, the cafes and restaurants go into operation, travel restrictions are removed completely.

With the abolition of the travel restriction, the tourism movement started again, and restaurants and beaches also started to serve. All businesses that have started to operate in the normalization process will start their services within certain rules. In restaurants and hotels, the capacity will be halved, and various measures will be taken.

As of June 1, changing rules within the scope of the normalization process in Turkey

- All travels ban has been ended in Turkey

- Airlines started domestic flights

- The places such as restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, and tea gardens have become operational.

- Nurseries start operating

- Flexible work process in public institutions has been started

- Driving courses, foreign language courses, and computer courses re-opened

- Sports halls, swimming pools, and SPA centers were returned into service.

- Parks, gardens, and picnic areas are re-opened

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As of June 1, the biggest normalization step was taken in Turkey. President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that "mask, cleanliness and physical distance will be our new normal". With the activation of many sectors, steps to return to normal life are taken. However, it is within the scope of the prohibitions that people continue to go out without a mask.

As Diyar Turk Real Estate, we have started to work with full capacity in our office within the scope of the normalization process. We started to provide services in our office according to all hygiene and social distance rules. We continue to provide services for foreigners who are interested in buying investment property in Turkey and do not want to miss opportunities that occur during the pandemic process. You can safely buy real estate in Istanbul online without having to travel to Turkey through Diyar Turk Real Estate.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also reach us online via the website or by e-mail.

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