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Real Estate Sales in Turkey to Foreigners are Increasedimage

Real Estate Sales in Turkey to Foreigners are Increased


Turkey welcomes millions of visitors from around the world each year. The foreigners who come to Turkey to visit this country have so many likes and they want to live here. Especially, almost every tourist who comes to Antalya on vacation wants to buy a house with the dream of living in this city. Istanbul and Antalya are the leading provinces where foreigners prefer most to buy Real Estate in Turkey. The houses with furnished and smart home systems are mostly preferred in Antalya, where housing is purchased by Russian, European countries, and Iranian citizens.

Although housing sales slowed with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, foreigners continued to buy homes in Turkey and immigrated here. Foreigners who bought houses online during periods of prohibition also increased their housing purchases with the opening of flights. Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Overseas Investment Council Member and Hellman Construction company owner Selman Özgün also said that housing sales to foreigners have increased despite the Covid-19 pandemic in Istanbul and Antalya as in general Turkey.

Istanbul and Antalya are the leading provinces that foreigners prefer most to buy Real Estate in Turkey.

The housing sales in Turkey to foreigners increased compared to the same month last year

According to the Turkey Statistical Institute (TÜİK) data, a total of 31.797 residential sales to foreigners in Turkey took place as of the end of October. 5,331 houses were bought by foreigners in October 2020. In other words, there was a 23.1% increase in housing sales to foreigners compared to October last year. Respectively; Iraq, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, England, Germany, Jordan, and Azerbaijan citizens bought the housing from Turkey.

Istanbul is at the top of the list of provinces with the highest number of sales to foreigners with 14.424 sales. Istanbul is followed by Antalya with 6.053 sales, Ankara with 2.176 sales, Bursa with 1068 sales, Yalova with 1008 sales, İzmir with 994 sales, 731 sales, Samsun with 698 sales, Sakarya with 678 sales, and Muğla with 613 sales.

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