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The search for apartments for sale in European Istanbulimage

The search for apartments for sale in European Istanbul


Apartments or real estate are available in abundance in Turkey on the European side of Istanbul in general, with a distinctive character, distinctive locations, and services available, and this is what made European Istanbul, in general, the focus of attention of tourists and investors in the recent period, where we find apartments close to markets, parks, public facilities, and transportation as well. And in this article, we will expand on the explanation of real estate in Istanbul in the European part in particular. 

Apartments and projects on the European side of Istanbul: 

Beylikduzu area:

If you want to buy an apartment within a residential complex, you should buy an apartment in the quiet and upscale Beylikduzu area. There are also various options in terms of space and you can choose from them what suits you, and these apartments are equipped with gardens with beautiful landscapes and they contain all the entertainment you need. 

Also, these apartments are designed by investors known for their creative designs, which is reflected in the apartments. We find the creative interior and exterior decorations embodied in the construction, designs, and decorations used. The areas of the apartments also vary, some of them include one to three bedrooms with different types and designs to suit all tastes. We also find that the complexes are surrounded by gardens with a beautiful landscape and enjoy tranquility, and there is also a swimming pool for everyone and a children's playground, and these apartments are characterized by the spaciousness from the inside as it accommodates large families and its prices are acceptable and cheap compared to other countries. 

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Beylikduzu is known for its splendor, whether in terms of its residents or in terms of its fresh, pollution-free air, its green spaces, and the municipality's care for it. It is also very close to the Metrobus line, which facilitates access to the city center, in addition to the availability of all services, major shopping centers, and various means of transportation for the residents of the region. There are also public and private universities, and large public and private hospitals.

Bahcesehir area:

There are also apartments for sale on the European side of Istanbul in the Bahcesehir area, where these apartments are characterized by their spaciousness and comfortable and modern character characterized by calm and is considered a high-end style. It is called the city of gardens or the golden city because of its large green spaces and clean air, and there are private and public universities that meet the needs of the residents of the region, as well as international schools such as Al Ihsan International Schools. This area is also considered the closest to Istanbul's new airport, which increases its importance and the importance of buying real estate in it, do not forget also that it contains a number of private and governmental hospitals, shopping centers, and malls that contain shops that meet all the needs of citizens. The prices of these apartments are special, and there is also the possibility of installments to buy these apartments.

There is also another type of apartment, which is the luxury hotel apartment for lovers of luxury life far from the hustle and bustle of life. These apartments are characterized by many services that meet all needs, and great attention such as security, 24/7 surveillance cameras, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, gym, massage rooms, wedding halls, a meeting room for 10,000 people, a car garage, and everything that meets the elements of luxury.

Sariyer area:

It is considered one of the areas that possess all the elements of a strong real estate activity such as location, view, services, and tourism. The real estate movement is characterized by being on a very high level of quality, modernity, and sophistication. 

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Moreover, you can find in Sariyer a variety of real estate represented by houses, apartments, hotels, lands, farms, villas for sale in Istanbul, and real estate development projects. As for real estate prices in it, they are considered high because of the services and development in the infrastructure, where major investors come to establish their investment projects. 

Thus, we have talked about some apartments located on the European side of Istanbul: their location, their advantages, their prices, which range from cheap to expensive, suitable for everyone according to their financial ability, and the possibility of installments is also available in the purchase of some apartments.

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