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Title deed in Turkey and the necessary documents for itimage

Title deed in Turkey and the necessary documents for it


The title deed is the official document given to the owner of the property to prove that he is the owner of this property and owns it, and it is the last stage when buying property in Turkey. Without this document, a person’s ownership of any property in Turkey cannot be recognized.

What information is included in the title deed?

The information mentioned in the title deed includes details about the property and the owner of this property, such as:

Property address

The number of the land on which this property is located

Total area

The value of the property in the Turkish lira

Information about the owner, including a personal photo, name, and nationality ….

title deed in Turkey

Types of title deeds in Turkey?

The blue (agricultural) title deed:

is a title deed dedicated to everything related to agricultural real estate, and through it, the owner has the right to carry out any agricultural activity he wants from cultivating the land or raising poultry or any related activity.

red title deed:

It is one of the types of the title deed for residential units (villa - house - office) and is located within the organizational scheme of the city.

Modern title deed:

In the past few years, Turkey has developed and strengthened real estate registration systems and mechanisms, and these amendments contributed to facilitating the affairs of citizens and property owners in a remarkable way, and the most important of these changes: the deletion of some unnecessary fields, in addition to providing each title deed with a special and independent code that enables the holder to know all the data and details that he needs it.

full title deed:

This type of title deed is extracted upon the completion of the construction process completely. These bonds differ from others in terms of the details they include, where the property number, its location within the building, its share of the land for the project, the type of land, and the type of property are mentioned.

Floor easement title deed:

This type of title deed is no less important than the title deed of full ownership, and it is very important for its role in protecting the property owner's rights.

This title deed can be extracted when you buy a property within a residential or commercial project that is still under construction but has passed a certain percentage of the construction process.

Necessary documents to obtain the title deed:

There are some procedures and papers that must be prepared to extract tabus, such as:

 personal identity

 tax number

 Three personal photos, one for the seller and two for the buyer.

 Securing earthquakes and natural disasters.

Notes on the title deed in Turkey:

Real estate is only given to the rightful owner

The title deed can be registered in the names of a quarter of the partners

Only one title deed is granted if the property is owned by more than one person

The partners in the same property are considered partners in all sections of the property. The property is not part, but the partners share in the whole property.

The real estate registry document.

Bank documents, in case a bank loan is used to finance the purchase of the property.

Title deed Fee.

It is one of the important procedures before buying a property, because it is not a small payment, as it amounts to 2% of the property price, which is a percentage imposed by the state on the seller and buyer.

title deed in Turkey

Obtaining a title deed and transferring ownership How long does it take?

These procedures in Turkey are considered one of the fastest transactions, especially for the foreign investor, and these procedures take place within a short period that may not exceed one day in most cases.

Title deed and real estate residency?

An investor who has a title deed in Turkey is entitled to a real estate residence permit and for his family members as well. The duration of this residence permit ranges from one to three years and can be renewed provided that the title deed is presented during the residence renewal interview

Whoever invests in one or more properties worth 250 thousand US dollars can obtain Turkish citizenship within a maximum period of 90 days.

Can more than one person share the title deed (Tabu)?

Sometimes more than one owner may share one real estate, and in this case, one bond is issued detailing the share of each person involved in this real estate, and each one of them can obtain a special deed in which the name of the owner and his share of the real estate is written.

General information and questions about the title deed:

In the event of the death of the property owner, it can be inherited by his family or a family member.

It is possible to share the Taboo with several people at the same time, and there is no specific number for that

In the event that the title deed is lost, the owner can extract a replacement for it by referring to the title dept.

Obtaining a title deed in Turkey is an important issue, and getting to know the type of title deed gives the buyer reassurance and confidence because he is fully aware of the type of his property and the validity of the land for construction, and the details of his property such as mortgage information, or the information of the previous owner of the property, and other important details. Therefore, it is very important to know such details and the necessary supplies for them.

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