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Turkey after the Covid-19image

Turkey after the Covid-19


Normalization Plan of Turkey (After the Covid-19 Epidemic)

The coronavirus epidemic, which affects the whole world, continues to lose its effect day by day. Turkey, which manages a successful pandemic process, started the normalization process in the restrictions introduced under the coronavirus measures. The schedule of normalization in Turkey began on May 11, 2020.

Restrictions are gradually loosened

The restrictions to measures within the scope of the coronavirus in Turkey began to loosen as of May 11. All necessary precautions were taken in the successfully managed epidemic process. On May 11, the first stage of the normalization process, shopping malls, hairdressers, and coiffeurs, which are closed within the scope of the measures, was opened. Travel restrictions in Antalya, Aydın, Erzurum, Hatay, Malatya, Mersin and Muğla provinces have been removed.

The second phase of the normalization calendar, which will be implemented under the coronavirus measures, began on May 27. 4 days of curfew restrictions were brought to all cities in Turkey during Ramadan Eid. After this curfew, the second phase of the normalization plan began. Among the second-stage normalization plans to be made between 27 May and 31 August, there are applications such as the start of domestic and international flights gradually, easing the curfews, and the start of the tourism season.

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Second Stage steps

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travel restrictions and international flight bans were applied in many countries and in our country. Domestic and international flights, which are suspended, will start gradually with the second stage of the normalization calendar in Turkey. There is an obligation to have a travel permit document for travels that will be arranged in accordance with social distancing rules. Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train services will also be launched at this stage.

- Friday prayers can be performed in mosques as of May 29.

- On May 31, military discharge procedures will begin.

- The number of epidemic hospitals will be reduced as of June 1, and these hospitals will begin to accept patients and normal functioning.

- Tourism facilities will start to serve, and foreigners with health insurance and certificate will be hosted in hotels. Hotels will work at half capacity and an open buffet service system will not be applied.

- As long as positive data continue to come, it is planned to remove the curfews of elderly people over 65 and under 20.

- It is planned to open restaurants, cafes, and restaurants in the middle of June, the second half of the normalization process. Mask and distance rules will be mandatory, and the number of chairs will be reduced in restaurants.

- It is planned to start activities such as sports, cinema, and theater by introducing number restrictions.

Third stage steps

The third stage of the normalization calendar covers September 1 - December 31, 2020. In the third stage of the normalization calendar, it is planned to start education with the new education year in the primary, secondary, and high school education institutions. It is planned that the international flights will completely return to normal by taking into consideration of the epidemic process in the world.

Fourth step steps

January 1, 2021, and after, in the period described as the fourth stage, it is aimed to find the vaccine and return to a normal life completely.

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