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Turkey is the Leader in Housing Value Increaseimage

Turkey is the Leader in Housing Value Increase


Turkey, which is the European leader with the sales of 1.5 million residences in 2021, has become the leader in the list of countries in which housing is valued the most in the world. According to a study by a British research company, Turkey leads the way in the housing price index with a nominal increase of 59% in 2021.

In the list, Turkey was followed by New Zealand with 22.6% and Czechia with 22.1%. Australia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Slovakia, the USA, and Estonia were among the top 10 countries in housing value increase.

According to the news of one of Turkey's leading newspapers, European houses have appreciated by 10% last year, and this rate has been recorded as less than half of Turkey's net valuation after inflation is subtracted. According to the official figures announced, it was stated that there was a 10.8% increase in housing value in England, 12.4% in Germany, 11.2% in Portugal, and 7.1% in France in 2021. According to the statements made on the subject, considering the inflation in countries such as Spain and Italy, it was stated that instead of the price increase, the housing experienced depreciation.

Top ten performing markets since Q4 2019

The 10 countries with the highest valuation of residences in 2021:


Housing value increase



New Zealand


the Czech Republic






the Netherlands




South Korea






Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) announced the housing sales statistics for 2021. According to these statistics, housing sales in Turkey in 2021 were recorded as 1 million 491 thousand 856.

According to these statistics, housing sales in Turkey in 2021 were recorded as 1 million 491 thousand 856.

Istanbul did not leave the leadership in the housing sales made in 2021. Ranking first with 276 thousand 223 residences, Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 144 thousand 104 residences and İzmir with 86 thousand 722 residences.

In 2021, 58 thousand 576 houses were sold to foreigners in Turkey

According to TUIK statistics, 58 thousand 576 foreigners purchased housing in Turkey in 2021. The share of foreigners in purchasing housing in Turkey increased by 43.5% compared to the previous year.

In 2021, 58 thousand 576 houses were sold to foreigners in Turkey

In 2021, Istanbul took first place in housing sales to foreigners. Istanbul, which was at the top with the sales of 26 thousand 469 houses, was followed by Antalya with the sales of 12 thousand 384 houses and Ankara with the sales of 3 thousand 672 houses.

Iranian citizens became the highest purchasers of houses in Turkey in 2021, with 1462 houses. Iranian citizens were followed by Iraqi citizens with 1039 residences and Russian citizens with 885 residences, respectively.

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