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Villas for sale in European Istanbulimage

Villas for sale in European Istanbul


Among the many real estate options that Istanbul is famous for its presence on its land are villas, which are considered a favorite by some, especially investors who are looking for success and high returns. Therefore, the European side of Istanbul is considered the best to search for villas for sale but where exactly Searching for them? What are the best areas to be located in? What are the features of the villas in each of them? This is what we will discover in the following article.
-In these areas of European Istanbul, you can find villas for sale. Get to know them:

1- Buyukcekmece:

In this area, you can find villas for sale very easily, as it contains many of them and all of them have high-end specifications as well as are designed in modern and distinctive styles, keeping pace with the latest global updates. Villas in this area will be suitable for housing and stability and will be so Suitable for investment, as it makes its owner enjoy a luxurious life full of luxury and comfort, and also makes him obtain a lot of abundant profits and high returns. Buyukcekmece is distinguished by its wide and cultural service package as well, where many cultural centers, educational institutions, hospitals, and health units.

villas for sale in Istanbul

2- Silivri:

As for Silivri, it is one of the areas that is considered suitable for searching for villas for sale in Istanbul in it especially as it bears the rural character, which is the favorite for some. It is important to note that being rural does not mean at all that it lacks quality, design,  construction, or modernity. On the contrary, choosing to live in it means choosing a healthy life where the vast spaces that it enjoys. It is also far from the hustle and bustle. This comes in solidarity with its charming view of the Marmara Sea. It also has many services, and it is planned that the Turkish government will establish a public transportation line close to it, in order to make transportation to and from it very easy, especially as it is only a few distances away from the center of Istanbul. What makes it an option for many is that it has a cheap price.

3- Beylikduzu:

It is the modern facade in Istanbul and is considered one of the areas that are highly preferred by those looking for villas for sale in terms of quality and modernity. This area is surrounded by many important areas, in addition to its charming view of the Marmara Sea and its infrastructure is very Development and progress, this is in addition to the real estate projects that are being established recently. It is important to mention that their prices are very appropriate, especially if they are compared with other areas, but it is expected that in the coming days they will witness a significant and noticeable rise, so today we see great demand for real estate in Beylikduzu

4- Arnavutkoy:

Many of the investor groups that seek to obtain the largest possible financial returns choose to buy a villa in Arnavutkoy, specifically because of its distinguished geographical location near the new Istanbul airport, in addition to the presence of part of the Belgrade forests in it. It includes a number of shopping centers/health centers/Educational institutions in general that are suitable for housing and investment. The goal of housing and investment can be achieved at the same time. It is known that the villas are spacious and consist of two floors or more, where one can be rented and housing in the other.

buying villas in Istanbul

5- Chatelja:

Where the calm envelops its sides and the tranquility that surrounds it on all sides. The vast green spaces and the rural character that distinguishes it. Its close proximity to the center of Istanbul, and many important sites that surround it. All of those ingredients that Çatlca has I made it suitable for buying villas. The idea of ​​living in these villas is great.
At the end of this article, we will have introduced you to the most important European areas of Istanbul that can be taken as a destination to search for villas for sale. They are distinct areas with typical characteristics. Buying villas in which there is an option will have positive results. Will it be your choice?

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