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Ways to obtain Turkish citizenshipimage

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship


One of the most important things that the Turkish government has provided for the investor and the foreigner who submits to it is that it made them stand in front of their dream, which they seek, which is to obtain another nationality besides their first nationality, in order to obtain many advantages and advantages .... as it allowed them to obtain it with more Of the way and this falls in the list of facilities you have provided them....but what are these ways that lead to obtaining them? What are the advantages of adopting each of them? .... These molecules will be presented in the following article.
-These are the most prominent means of obtaining Turkish citizenship.... Learn about them:

1- Through real estate investment:

This method is the most common today among all those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship, because it brings many advantages and advantages to those who choose it .... It is also one of the easiest ways at all .... Where it is only required that the price of the property in Turkey be Less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars with a pledge after selling the property before three years have passed since the date of its purchase .... It is important to point out that the Turkish government has reduced the amount required to obtain Turkish citizenship from one million to this current amount.

turkish citizenship by property

2- Through commercial investment:

Also, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through commercial investment by having the investment capital of not less than five hundred thousand US dollars .... Whoever chooses this method chooses success, excellence and obtaining high financial gains.

3- Bank deposit:

And there are those who intend to obtain it through bank deposit.... It is required that the amount be not less than five hundred thousand US dollars.... Also, whoever chooses this method must know perfectly that there is no possibility for any part of the amount to be withdrawn before the passage of three years to put it in.

4- Marriage to a Turkish citizen:

This method is common, not only in Turkey, but in various countries of the world.... Whoever marries a Turkish citizen or marries a Turkish citizen, it will be obtained directly .... But the marriage must be real, that is, not fake in order to obtain it.

5- By lineage:

The family’s roots can be ascertained. In the event that it extends to a person holding Turkish citizenship, then the papers and documents that confirm this can be submitted / and obtaining it by adoption is one of the ways that suits some cases.

6- Residence in Turkey for five years:

Whoever has resided on Turkish soil for five consecutive years under a work permit will be entitled to apply for it.

obtain turkish citizenship

7- By public submission:

What are the most important conditions and points that are taken into account when granting a person Turkish citizenship through public application?
Not everyone who followed one of the previous methods will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship, but some elements must be available in it .... such as:
-He has a complete mind, meaning that he does not suffer from any mental illness.... He must also have reached the legal age, that is, over eighteen years of age.
- He should also submit documents and evidence proving his intention to live on Turkish soil.
-It is important that he has a good reputation, great manners, and other such noble qualities.
-It is preferable to be a native speaker and conversant with the Turkish language and many of the details related to it.
- He must also have a stable income or a monthly financial return.... Emphasizes that he can support himself and his family without having to take humanitarian aid.
-It is important that he does not suffer from a serious or communicable disease that threatens public health.
-We must point out that it should not pose any danger to the country's national security.
At the end of this article, we can conclude that there are plenty of options for us to decide which means are suitable for us in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.... Which one suits you the most?

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