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What are the advantages of luxury real estate in Istanbulimage

What are the advantages of luxury real estate in Istanbul



-Distinctive views: The city of Istanbul has many advantages and components, and perhaps the most striking of them is the great beauty that it enjoys thanks to the diversity of geography in it such as forests, rivers, seas, green nature, and various forms of scenery, which provides many strategic and attractive areas for the establishment of real estate projects with distinctive and stunning views. It can be said that various forms of luxury real estate in Istanbul share the advantage of charming views, regardless of their location within the city of Istanbul. In particular, luxury real estate in Istanbul is spread on the sea coast, as sea views constitute one of the most requested views by those wishing to buy a property in Istanbul. This feature contributes to raising the value of the property in Istanbul very much and making it within the category of luxury real estate in Istanbul, especially since such areas are considered and classified as high-end areas in the city, in which a property can only be obtained by paying large sums of money.

luxury real estate in Istanbul


- Distinctive locations and high-end areas: What distinguishes the city of Istanbul is that it extends over two parts on two different continents, meaning that there is the European part and the Asian part of Istanbul. And each of these two divisions owns various forms of real estate in Istanbul, including luxury Istanbul real estate. And one of the most important features that luxury real estate in Istanbul can provide to its residents is that they are usually located within specific areas designated for them, meaning that the areas for buying luxury real estate in Istanbul are known in advance and are indeed high-end and luxurious areas and enjoy various services and necessary supplies to live a luxurious life. It is usually located within vital places in the city of Istanbul, so that access to and from and to various important points in the city is simple and easy. The European section is known as the high-end section of Istanbul, which includes many areas that are capable of providing various forms of luxury real estate in Istanbul, such as Basaksehir, Atilar, Bagcilar, and many others.


- High-quality and modern architectural designs: Istanbul real estate, in general, is considered one of the most preferred properties by investors, thanks to its advantages and features. The most important of which is the high and excellent quality in the various details of the property, including internal and external cladding, construction, and others. This applies to various forms of real estate in Istanbul. Of course, it takes more attention to luxury real estate in Istanbul, as its high prices compared to the rest of the real estate prices in Istanbul are due to the great attention that is given to it to make it able to provide a life of luxury and sophistication for its residents. Therefore, we find that the supervision of the construction of such real estate is carried out by the best engineers from various disciplines using the finest and best building and construction materials by international standard standards and by following the latest and most luxurious designs. The cladding of this type of real estate is carefully supervised, as the external cladding receives the same attention as the internal cladding, as it reflects from a distance the luxury and sophistication that the owners of these properties work with to convey.

luxury real estate in Istanbul


- Large areas: One of the most important characteristics that may push people looking for a property in Istanbul towards buying one of the luxury properties in Istanbul is their search for a property with a large and spacious area. Indeed, luxury Istanbul real estate is capable and well-deserved to achieve such a demand. They are usually in the form of real estate with large areas and several floors, such as villas in Istanbul and palaces in Istanbul, as well as luxury apartments and luxury homes in Istanbul, which have many accessories such as a private garden or a private indoor or outdoor pool, and sometimes the two types according to the size and price of the property and other accessories to occupy these large spaces that extend to the indoor cinema or the private gym.

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