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What are the differences between buying a property in the countryside or the city?image

What are the differences between buying a property in the countryside or the city?


The real estate market in Turkey is famous for its great diversity and remarkable prosperity, as the options in Turkey are endless. Each city has its various real estate options, and each city also has its distinctive countryside. Turkey is famous for the beauty of its cities and the nature of its wonderful countryside. It has its characteristics and advantages that everyone who wants to invest or buy real estate desires, the choice here is relative and up to each person where he finds his comfort and where he prefers. Some want the hustle and bustle of the streets and closeness to the city center, high edifices, and crowded places, and some want to move away a little and look towards rural areas where the noise is almost non-existent, and the calm and fresh air, the beauty of nature, the clarity of mind, green lawns and large spaces are dominant. Each investor and trader has the options that he wants, whether he wants a property in the city or the countryside.

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• City real estate

The real estate that is located in the cities is considered the most sought after real estate by investors, especially for commercial investment. The reason for this is the concentration of commercial activities usually in such areas, in addition to the presence of branches of major companies and institutions and service and government centers. In addition to the above, the prices of real estate located within the city center are witnessing a continuous and significant increase, and this encourages the investor to buy real estate within the city. This is due to purely commercial reasons, the aim of which is to buy and sell more than to buy a property for stability or residence, usually the investor who invests in well-known areas within the city, his main objective is to make profits because the real estate market is in a constant financial change.

• Real estate in the outskirts of the city

Or as they are known as suburbs, which are often rural areas in origin, then urbanization expanded to them and then entered the city’s organizational plans. These areas are the focus of attention for investors to monitor the increase in services in them, as it is considered a very promising investment opportunity and is considered a golden opportunity For the investor because he is aware that such areas have low real estate prices compared to the city because these areas were not taken into account and have recently been added to the urban plan. They are areas that are new to the general real estate market, which means that prices in them are low in the beginning, so investors compete in this matter to obtain the right property for them at the best possible prices, but they rise if they are transformed into urbanly organized areas and full of people

• Rural areas

Usually, the main objective of investors when choosing to invest in such areas is centered around the purchase of lands in order to use them in agricultural investment or to own farms or purchase lands to establish villas in them for housing and a quiet place to settle and relax in.
The goal here is diversified according to the investor’s desire, including commercials, such as agricultural areas, or stability, such as areas with picturesque nature and charming views

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In recent times, rural areas have witnessed an increasing demand for buying real estate in the countryside and rural areas, and this has encouraged more investors to establish residential complexes for villas or to divide the lands and make them ready for construction, and then offer these lands to those wishing to build their homes according to their choice and their taste, and this indicates that the rural areas in the near future will increase in demand due to the improvement and development they are witnessing at the real estate and investment levels.

If you want to buy property in the Turkish countryside, the best countryside in Turkey is the one that belongs to the city of Istanbul, and it is the best for those who want to buy property in the center of the cities, just as each city in Turkey has its own characteristics and importance that you should look for all the features of each one before making a decision.
There are many options that you can find when you decide to buy property in Turkey, and if you choose the Turkish countryside or the city, many advantages await you. Each place has its own distinct characteristics, pros, and cons. The countryside has its own customs and the city has its atmosphere.

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