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Why is Antalya the destination of tourists and investorsimage

Why is Antalya the destination of tourists and investors


About Antalya

Antalya is a city with magnificent beaches in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Antalya, with its magnificent historical and natural beauties, and warm climate, is Turkey's fifth-largest city. Its population is approximately 2.6 million by the end of 2020.

There are the provinces of Muğla, Burdur, Isparta, Konya, Karaman, and Mersin around Antalya, located in southwest Turkey. Thanks to its historical riches, magnificent beaches, natural beauties, and warm climate, the tourism sector is very developed. The economy of the city is largely dependent on tourism, agriculture, and trade.

Antalya has hosted many civilizations from prehistoric times to today. There are many artifacts from the periods of Lydians, Lycians, Pergamons, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans, and Pamphylians in Antalya, which has the largest number of ancient cities in Turkey. Karain Cave, one of the oldest known human settlements in Anatolia, is located in Antalya. The dating of this cave dates back to the early periods of the Old Stone Age, that is, 500 thousand years ago. In addition, there are many ancient cities in the city that have survived until today.

Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey, welcomes millions of local and foreign tourists every year. After Antalya was declared a tourism area, its population rapidly became crowded, private sector and public investments increased, infrastructure and superstructure facilities developed, and social facilities increased rapidly. Apart from tourism, Antalya is one of the most important agricultural regions of Turkey. Antalya's orange, which grows fresh vegetables and fruits in summer and winter, is famous. In addition, tropical fruits such as avocado, dragon fruit, and mango are grown in Alanya, Antalya.

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The must-see historical riches of Antalya

Antalya is one of the first places to be visited in Turkey. During a visit to Turkey, it should be visited at least once, and its historical and natural beauties should be discovered. There are many ancient cities and historical sites in Antalya, which is a world-famous tourist city in Turkey. Some of those;

- Olympos Ancient City

Olympos Ancient City, located in the Kumluca district of Antalya, is one of the most important cities belonging to the Lycian Civilization. There are theater, bridge pillars, medieval castles, Byzantine basilica, and bath ruins in Olympos Ancient City. Yanartas, with its fire that has not gone out for centuries, is located a few km away from Olympos Ancient City.

- Side Ancient City

It is thought that the first settlement years in the Ancient City of Side, located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, were the 78s BC. It is one of the most important port cities of the Ancient Age. Entry to Side Ancient City is free.

- Perge Ancient City

The history of Perge Ancient City, located in the Aksu district of Antalya, dates back to the Bronze Age. Perge Ancient City ruins include a theater, Artemis temple, and two churches.

- Aspendos Antique Theater

Aspendos Antique Theater, located in the Serik district of Antalya, is an ancient Greek theater. It is the best-preserved theater built in ancient times.

- Phaselis Ruins

There are ruins of Greek and Roman cities in Phaselis Ruins located in the Kemer district of Antalya. Within the borders of the ancient city, there are three harbors, ruins of shops, Roman baths, agoras, and theatres.

- The Temple of Apollo

The history of the Temple of Apollo, located in the Side town of Manavgat, Antalya, dates back to 150 AD. Entrance to the Temple of Apollo, the most striking work of the region, is free.

- Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle, located in the Alanya district of Antalya, is one of the most popular places in the region. The castle, which was started to be built in the Hellenistic Period, was completed in the Seljuk Period. The castle, a part of which is actively used today, is open to visitors.

- Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate, which is located in the center of Antalya, is a triumphal arch built in the name of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who visited the city in 130. From the walls surrounding the city and the port, only the entrance door remains today.

The must-see natural beauties of Antalya

Antalya is a rare city with magnificent natural beauty. There are many natural beauties that must be seen in Antalya, which is one of the unique places where blue and green meet. Some of those:

- Düden Waterfall

It is two waterfalls formed by the division of Duden Stream into two branches. One of the branches of the stream is the Asagi Duden Waterfall, which flows into the sea from the cliffs in the Antalya Lara region, and the other is the Yukari Duden Waterfall.

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- Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall is a natural beauty located in the Manavgat district of Antalya. The area where the waterfall, which is only 4 meters high, flows is quite wide. This adds a distinct beauty to the waterfall.

- Kursunlu Waterfall

Kursunlu Waterfall, located within the borders of the central district of Antalya, is almost a hidden paradise. You can take a walk in nature on the walking route created around the waterfall. 

- Karain Cave

Karain Cave, located in the center of Antalya, is one of the natural beauties. Karain Cave, one of the largest natural caves in Turkey, was formed as a result of natural karstic formations.

- Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu Canyon National Park, located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, is a park that is rich in flora and fauna and attracts attention with its natural beauties. 

- Koru Sea - Natural Pools

Natural Pools in Alanya, where many tropical fruits are grown, were formed by the formation of natural pools by the waterside stones on the beach. These pools, which can only be reached by boat and there is no construction around them, attract thousands of tourists every year.

- Blue flag beaches of Antalya

Turkey, which is among the top three countries with the highest number of blue flag beaches in the world, has 519 blue flag beaches. 213 of these beaches (almost half) are located in Antalya. Antalya with its clean beaches and magnificent nature attracts millions of tourists every year.

Real Estate Market in Antalya

Investing in real estate in Turkey, especially in Antalya, attracts many foreign investors. Foreign investors prefer to invest in Antalya the most after Istanbul. Antalya stands out as the second most preferred city by foreign investors in Turkey.

Antalya stands out as one of the most popular destinations in Turkey for foreign investors. In recent years, Arab and Iranian investors have also increased interest in Antalya, which is especially preferred by Russian, German, and British citizens. Foreign investors generally buy real estate in Antalya for short-term holiday accommodation and gain Turkish citizenship by investment.

Why is Antalya the destination of many tourists and investors?

Millions of tourists visit Antalya every year due to its historical and natural beauties, warm climate, easy transportation, and many other reasons. So why is Antalya the destination of many tourists and investors?

- High tourism potential

As we mentioned above, Antalya is a city with a very high tourism potential with its historical and natural beauties and warm climate. The city, which has hundreds of luxury accommodation facilities, welcomes millions of tourists every year. The city, which has such great tourism potential, also attracts foreign investors. Foreign tourists and investors mostly prefer regions where touristic activities are most intense, such as Lara, Kundu, Belek, Kemer, and Side.

- Warm climate

Antalya, which has sunshine for most of the year, has a mild Mediterranean climate. Due to the hot climate and the high number of sunny days, the tourism season in Antalya is quite long. The warm and mild climate and sunny weather are among the most important reasons why foreign investors prefer Antalya. Foreign investors prefer Antalya as a region that attracts many tourists due to its climate and geographical location.

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- Transportation facilities

Antalya, having a large airport with direct flights to many countries can easily be reached in many parts of the world. Antalya, where international transportation is easily provided, is frequently preferred by tourists and investors.

- The growing city population

The population of Antalya, which is the 5th most populous city in Turkey, is increasing day by day. While the young and dynamic population in the city contributed to the rapid development of tourism and other economic activities, it also affected the demand for the real estate market in Antalya. With the increasing population in the city, real estate demand and prices are also increasing. Seeing this situation, foreign real estate investors prefer Antalya properties that provide a good return.

- Increasing demand for rental property

Due to the rapidly increasing population and intense tourism movements, the demand for a rental properties in Antalya is increasing every year. The houses in the city are of great interest all year round. With the increasing tourist activities and population, foreign investors prefer to invest in Antalya houses, which will provide a good income.

- Limited construction area

There is a limited construction area in Antalya, located between the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains. For this reason, the value of the properties of foreign investors who invest in Antalya at an affordable price will increase with the increasing demand for real estate in the future and will provide a good return.

Turkey has been one of the countries that attracted the attention of foreign investors and tourists for many years. The increasing number of foreign investors every year has led to the development of the real estate sector in Turkey. Antalya is the second most preferred city for foreign investors to invest in Turkey.

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