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Selling Your Property

You have purchased property in Turkey and would like to sell it now. well, the right address to sell your real estate in worth is Diyar Turk Real Estate.

You may buying investment property in Turkey then you may want to sell it, or you may want to sell your property to have another option. Whatever the reason, we will be helped from experienced and professional consultants to sell your property smoothly.

We will make it much easier, There are a few important things to note here:

- You must make sure that the property you want to sell has no debt. We do not sell owed property

- Your property's title deed, settlement document, etc. such documents should be ready.

- After submitting your request to sell your property, we arrange an appointment with you and visit the property. Here, we conduct a price study by considering the location of the property, its features, age, maintenance and equivalent property prices. The more well-maintained your property, the higher the selling price. Therefore, our recommendation is that if there is a place in your property to be renovated before the sales decision, you should make the renovation and paint it. This will strengthen your hand in the bargain during the sale.

- After determining the appropriate price with a joint decision, we take photos of your property, take their information and publish it on our website.

- For the potential buyers who may be in the meantime, we want the property to be always suitable for the visit and the key to be in an easily accessible place.

- We contact and inform you when there are potential buyers serious about purchasing. We also invite you to sign for the sales contract, if it is agreed in a common decision. If you live abroad and want to perform your sales process to without come to Turkey, you can carry out your sales by giving power of attorney to the experienced sales consultants of Diyar Türk Gayrimenkul.

If you want to start the sales process your property by presenting to potential buyers all over the world by professional people on an international website, contact us on our website and we will contact you immediately. As Diyar Türk Gayrimenkul team, we will always be with you with our professional support during the sales process. You can send us the information of the property you want to sell via the e-mail address of or you can contact us directly on our website.



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