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Advantages of real estate investment in Catalca Istanbulimage

Advantages of real estate investment in Catalca Istanbul


There are many suitable areas for investment in the European side of Istanbul. Today, we will discuss in our article one of the most distinguished areas of Istanbul, which is the Catalca district. We will learn about its features and details, and of course, we will learn about the advantages of real estate investment in it.
This region is located in the far west of the European city of Istanbul and has a very long coastline on the Black Sea. The space of ​​​​the area is 1.291 square kilometers. This region has a history and deep roots that go back to the Roman and Byzantine eras.

Forests and tall trees cover most of the area of ​​this region and exploit a large area of ​​it, and depend heavily on animal husbandry, agriculture, and industry in the region's economy, as it is an industrial factory and contains many industrial facilities, and there are 20 power plants from wind turbines with a capacity of 60 megawatts. The most common crops in its fields are sunflower, barley, and watermelon.
Catalca is the largest district in Istanbul in terms of area. This area is considered very strategic, and Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror said, “This city has been entrusted to God,” which indicates the importance and position of the region in Turkey.

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Features of the Catalca District:

- It is a quiet, independent area with full services that meets all needs.
- It contains high-end residential complexes and also contains popular areas, meaning that it includes all spectrums of society.
- It is an area rich in recreational and service areas.
- There are reserves overlooking the sea, which specialize in camping.
- It also includes a clean and charming sandy coast, which makes it the focus of tourists' attention.
- Çatalca is one of the most important places you can go to on your tourist trips, and it is close to the city center. The beaches along the coast of the Black Sea on the one hand, and the Sea of ​​Marmara on the other, are among the most important places worth visiting in this region.
- And do not forget that there are a lot of historical monuments, archaeological sites, museums, and family picnic areas, and one of the most important tours that can be taken in this area is the Flamingo coast, in addition to the Yalikoy area, which is one of the most wonderful tourist places in Çatalca, and it is one of the areas Which suits the practice of camping and fishing in the area.

Moreover, this region provides labor to push the economy forward in Istanbul, and its proximity to Istanbul International Airport is of great importance which makes buying an apartment and living in it a unique project.

As for the real estate market in this region, it is active, especially in agricultural properties and luxury villas, as it is one of the most important areas filled with green spaces, calm and tranquility, and landscapes that enchant the eyes.
Real estate in Catalca is considered one of the finest real estate in Istanbul, especially since these apartments are suitable for family housing, and the special thing in this area is the presence of beautiful country houses and luxury apartment buildings that are located within modern complexes.

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The diversity of natural places in this area is one of the most important reasons that push investors to buy villas in this area. They depend on luxurious and high-end designs, as they have wonderful finishes, distinctive locations, charming views, and varying prices.

The purchase of land in the Chattalja area, is one of the most successful and profitable real estate projects, as these lands and their investment returns have been very popular among businessmen and capital owners, due to the diversity of projects that can be carried out on these lands

Thus, we have come to know the most important reasons that made the Catalca area a distinguished real estate investment area in Istanbul, which made those who want to buy property in Istanbul in a region of calm and teeming with spacious properties with a distinctive view due to a large number of forests in its lands, which sends them calm and tranquility. If you are looking to buy property in Istanbul for housing or real estate investment in Turkey or to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, all you have to do is look at the real estate of the Catalca district in European Istanbul.

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