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All the details for obtaining student residence in Turkeyimage

All the details for obtaining student residence in Turkey


There are many types of residency in Turkey, including student residency, which is known as study residency, and it is a right of university students who complete their studies in Turkish universities. studying. This residency is linked to the university granting the student a "student document."
* Student's name and surname
* Father and Mother's Name
* Nationality
* Births and place of birth
* Personal picture
* Gender Male Female
* The national number TC.
The holder of a student residence card in Turkey can extract a work permit in Turkey from the Ministry of Labor, after completing the first year of the bachelor's stage.

Student residence benefits:

-Legal residence in Turkey for the duration of university studies
-Freedom of movement between Turkish states
- The student can leave Turkey and return to it without the need to issue an entry visa again
-Obtaining a transportation card and benefiting from its benefits within the state in which the student resides, so he will receive reduced costs for public transportation, except for "taxi and dolmus."

residence in Turkey

Conditions for obtaining student residence:

There is only one condition for obtaining a student residence in Turkey and that is to obtain a student data document from the university or institute, known as Öğrenci Belgesi: a letter issued by the educational institution to which the applicant is or will be enrolled stating that the educational institution in question has granted him the right to study there. He must book an appointment for an interview at the Immigration Department, and apply online.

Documents required to obtain student residence:

• “Öğrenci Belgesi Student Data” document
• Residence application form (signed by the applicant or his legal representative)
• The original copy of the passport
• A copy of the passport: it includes the pages containing the applicant's data + passport number + date of issuance and expiry of the passport + entry stamp and visa
Tax number, which can be obtained free of charge from any tax department
• 4 colored personal photos on white background, no more than 6 months old
• Valid health insurance covering the entire period of stay
• Proof of place of residence:
-Resident with a lease contract: A copy of the lease contract signed by the applicant, certified by the notary public.
-If the applicant is not the tenant, a residence document issued by the Department of Souls to which the place of residence belongs must be estimated
• A copy of the application fee payment receipt.

Student residence fees:

Students in Turkey are only required to obtain a residence card fee, and the Tax Department in Turkey has estimated the value of 134 Turkish liras in 2021.

residence in Turkey

How is the student residency obtained and the steps that the student must follow:

1- Extract and prepare all the required documents before proceeding to the next step (except for the application form and the fee payment receipt).
2- Fill out the application form on the Immigration Department’s website in the “first-time” section, stating the reason for the residence request, which is to study
3- The site will book an interview appointment at the earliest date, and the interview location, date, and time will appear on the page.
4- Print the order
5- Gather all required documents including the “Student Document”
6- Ensure that the documents are complete and that the form is signed by the applicant
7- Collect all documents in one workbook to be presented at the interview
8- You can request a free translator at the interview
9- After accepting the documents from the responsible employee, you will be required to pay the fees at the treasury office. When you pay the amount, you will get a receipt whereby you will get a document that proves the submission of the application and makes your situation legal until the issuance of the residence card
10- The Immigration Department in Turkey was satisfied with submitting documents via Turkish Post PTT during the period of the spread of Corona

Study residence in Turkey can be renewed with the same previous steps, with the addition of the following two notes:

- That the student book the appointment for the renewal request at most 60 days before the end of his current residence
- The student adds to the previous documents his current residence card.

There are some notes that the student must pay attention to while submitting the student's residence papers:
• Ensure that the application is submitted before the expiry of the entry visa with him
• The passport must be valid for more than 6 months
• The interview date issued by the Immigration Department is a personal appointment for the applicant, and the date of the interview is very important
• The minor applicant is accompanied by parents or legal guardians
• Fees must be paid in cash and local currency only, as bank transfers and credit cards are not accepted.
• The student must make sure that the proof of application document is stamped by the Immigration Department before leaving
The residence card is issued within 30 to 60 days from the date of applying and is valid according to the type of study and as indicated in (the period of study residence). If the documents are not complete, the employee will inform you immediately, and the applicant will be notified via an SMS text message if the Immigration Department requests additional documents after receiving the application. In both cases, the applicant is given 30 days to submit the additional documents.

What services does Turkish law provide to students in Turkey:

• Residence permit is granted to foreign students in Turkey who receive education in the institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education in Turkey, for institutes and universities.
• It stipulates the necessity of having a source of spending on foreign students and their care by guardians, brothers, or legal entities such as an organization or association or through a Turkish grant.
• The student's residence right in Turkey does not give any right to the mother, father, or other relatives to obtain family residence or any residence based on the study residence owned by their son.
• A student residency is not granted for more than one year, and those with less than one year of study are granted residency for the duration of their studies only.
• As for students under the age of eighteen, they cannot obtain student residence, but they have the right to obtain education in public schools for free, provided they have legal residence in Turkey.

A residency granted to those under the age of 18:

-Family residence permit if the mother or father holds it, or holds a work permit.
Temporary protection and humanitarian asylum for one of their parents who has acquired it.
Here, we have talked about the student's residence, ways to obtain it, the required papers, how to apply, as well as the Turkish laws to obtain this residence. We hope that we have answered all the questions that may come to your mind regarding study accommodation.

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