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Apartments for sale in the European side of Istanbulimage

Apartments for sale in the European side of Istanbul


The city of Istanbul, with all its many privileges, has been able to occupy an important position on the global level, as some consider it the ideal city as a result of its unique components that are rarely found in other cities of the world. One of the most prominent features of Istanbul is that it sits on the throne of two of the world's continents, the largest part of which is in the Asian part and the least is in the European part. Although the second is the smallest, it was able to achieve great importance and prestige. The European side of Istanbul has a wide number of areas with different characteristics and features, but what are these areas? What are its main features? Why do so many people choose it? Through the following article, let us provide you with a comprehensive and detailed look at the most important information related to buying an apartment on the European side of Istanbul.

The most prominent advantages of buying apartments for sale in the European side of Istanbul:

1 - The European side of Istanbul is characterized by a large population density, as it witnesses a large population overcrowding, in addition to being one of the important investment destinations in Turkey as a result of its tourist status among many world tourists and historical destinations.

2 - Istanbul is generally characterized by being of great economic power, as it records an urban development that has not taken place anywhere else in the world, and this part of the city bears the last hallmarks of modern architecture that has occurred in the world. The predominant real estate feature is the luxury residential complexes that mimic what is found on the European continent.

3 - The European section of Istanbul is distinguished by its advanced infrastructure, which is rarely found elsewhere in the world. This side of the city contains a modern and developed transportation network that connects all parts of the city. It also owns a wide range of important hospitals and educational centers that have achieved global resonance. This part of the city hosts the largest airport in the world, which is (New Istanbul) Airport, which was ranked among the first ten airports around the world. Work is continuing on the construction of the Century Project in this section of the city (the New Istanbul Canal), which will make a big difference in various sectors of life, especially the real estate sector. The areas of that city include among its streets and alleys a wide number of important commercial centers and modern and sophisticated malls that meet the needs of thousands of people daily.

4 - This part of Istanbul is considered a destination for anyone looking for progress, development, and civilization. It is worth noting that the prices of apartments in European Istanbul are higher than those in the Asian section.

Apartments for sale in the European side of Istanbul

The most important areas of the European side in Istanbul to search for apartments for sale:

1 - Sariyer District:

- Sariyer is characterized by its exceptional and distinctive location at the Bosphorus, which has contributed greatly to attracting tourists, foreign capital, and investors to the region.

- One of the most prominent details that make it a tourist is that it contains a large number of distinguished monuments such as the Ottoman palaces, in addition to that it includes large areas of Belgrade forests, and it also contains a distinctive garden, the Emirgan Park.

- The properties in Sariyer are luxurious, distinguished, and have a modern feel combined with historical character. In Sariyer you can find that the real estate character that dominates the area is luxury residential complexes.

- This area is the choice that politicians, celebrities, artists, and important personalities resort to, due to its high prices.

- It is worth noting that the Sariyer area contains a wide and diversified service package that meets all the needs of its residents, whether on the medical, educational, or recreational levels.

2 - Basaksehir area:

-When we talk about Basaksehir, we are talking about one of the most important areas on the European side of Istanbul. It is considered one of the distinguished areas in terms of real estate investment, and buying an apartment in it is an excellent option.

- Basaksehir is distinguished by its advanced infrastructure represented in its markets, shopping centers, health and educational centers, and so on.

- Başakşehir contains one of the most important European hospitals (Başakşehir Medical City), which had a great impact on the region and contributed to attracting a large number of tourists looking for medical tourism.

- Başakşehir is distinguished by its unique geographical location and close to the new Istanbul Airport, which is ranked number one in the world in terms of area. It is also close to the new Istanbul Canal.

- Basaksehir includes a wide number of distinguished commercial centers and famous markets, most notably the Mall of Istanbul, which is intended by many locals and foreigners alike.

- Some call this area the neighborhood of the rich Arabs, due to the heavy Arab demand for this area, as most of its residents belong to the educated and high class.

- In the last three years, this region has witnessed a clear increase in the prices of its properties as a result of all the development and modernity it is witnessing. It is expected to record a further increase in the next stage when some of the projects that are being constructed are completed.

3 - Beylikduzu District:

-Beylikduzu is one of the most important areas on the European side of Istanbul, and some describe it as the modern urban face of the city, based on its urban development and the development of its distinctive and sophisticated infrastructure.

- There are a wide number of real estate projects that are being established in them at present, which are represented by the distinguished residential complex system.

- This area is characterized by a charming view of the Marmara Sea, and its presence in the European part of the city gave it a great investment value.

- Life in Beylikduzu is completely healthy because it has many large green spaces, gardens, and parks that reduce air pollution.

- This area is characterized by the fact that it contains a developed and diversified transportation network, most notably the Metrobus line, which contributed to being connected with many other areas of the city.

- Real estate prices in Beylikduzu are considered low and appropriate, especially if they are compared with real estate prices in other similar areas. However, it is worth noting that this situation will not last long, as it is expected that in the coming days it will record a rise in its prices as a result of the increased demand around it.

- A large number of real estate investors around the world consider this region an important focus to obtain profits and accumulate wealth.

Apartments for sale in the European side of Istanbul

4 - Bahcesehir district:

- This area has received many different nicknames, including the Garden City, and some called it the Amazing City. It occupies a distinct geographical location west of Lake Kucukcekmece in particular.

- Bahcesehir is one of the most important regions of the European side of Istanbul. This region is distinguished by its advanced infrastructure, and it also contains the largest artificial lake in Turkey.

- Bahçeşehir can be reached very easily through all the land roads that reach it. In this context, it is worth noting that it is rich in educational, health, and cultural institutions, as it contains many markets, commercial centers, and restaurants.

- It is one of the best areas of the European side of Istanbul for real estate investment, as it offers a lot of lucrative profits, especially during the tourist seasons.

- It contains a lot of luxury residential complexes equipped with the highest safety and security qualities, as they are earthquake-resistant, sound-proof, and heat-insulating as well.

5 - Sultanahmet District:

- The Sultanahmet district is the beating heart of the Turkish city of Istanbul. It is characterized as an integrated city specifically in terms of tourism. This is also a historical destination that includes many important historical monuments such as the famous Hagia Sophia Mosque.

- It is one of the most prominent areas of Istanbul suitable for housing and stability, as it is equipped with a wide and huge service package, most notably the unique transportation network that makes it connected with all other areas in Istanbul.

- This area contains many restaurants, cafes, and markets, as well as a large number of distinguished hotels that attract tourists from all sides.

- Life in this area is known to be always noisy so that you can hardly distinguish the night from the day.

6 - Osman Bey District:

- It is one of the largest neighborhoods and regions on the European side of Istanbul and is characterized by the fact that it contains a large number of wonderful hotels. In this context, it should be noted that this area is the best for families.

- Osman Bey is characterized as a quiet area and includes a large number of shops that contain products for all purposes.

- The cost of living in the Osmanbey neighborhood is appropriate and cheap, especially if it is compared with other areas in the city.

7 - Nisantasi area:

- If we are talking about the Nisantasi area, then we are talking about the most important, famous, and most prestigious neighborhoods on the European side, and it is known as the haven for the rich and high-capitalists because its real estate prices are very high.

- It includes a large number of markets and fashion houses that contain international brands that attract high tastes and the world's wealth.

- This area is characterized by being lively and quiet, as it contains many luxury shops and distinctive restaurants that serve the most delicious meals.

The European side of Istanbul contains a wide range of distinct areas, and based on the importance of this part of the city, a large number of people who want to buy real estate choose it over other cities in Turkey. Thus, if you are looking for excellence and an exemplary option, you should choose the European section of Istanbul .. it is your way to obtain huge and abundant profits.

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