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The encouraging reasons to buy real estate in Floryaimage

The encouraging reasons to buy real estate in Florya


During the previous period, the city of Istanbul witnessed a remarkable development in the field of real estate, and it also became a destination for many Arab and foreign investors who took it as a place of residence, business management, and the establishment of real estate investment projects that showered them with profit and money. The past and the present are between what is old and modern, in terms of places, construction patterns, investments, and others.

One of the most important real estate investment areas in Istanbul is the Florya district, which is located in the European section of Istanbul and is administratively affiliated to the Bakirkoy district. The Florya region extends along the Marmara Sea and is bordered in the northeast by the Yeşilköy region, and from the northwest, it is bordered by the distinctive Kucukcekmece region.

Florya is considered one of the most prestigious areas in the city of Istanbul, as it is known for its beauty and lifestyle, which is dominated by a rich and elegant character.

What increases its importance is also the presence of transportation, where all forms of transportation are spread within the region and facilitate access and movement between the different parts of Istanbul, where access to the Florya region is easy by metro bus, as it does not take more than one hour and there are many nearby stations From Florya, such as Zeytinburnu and Majidikoy station, in addition to being crowded with private and public transportation, which serves all segments of society.

tourism in Turkey

The presence of tourist areas has always been of great importance, and the most important of these areas in Florya is:

- Istanbul Aquarium: The aquarium is located within the Florya area and is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city, where visitors and tourists from all over Turkey and the world flock to it to enjoy watching the most beautiful marine creatures such as fish, turtles and other animals, and the aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world It is an ideal place to spend a wonderful holiday with the family and take souvenir photos.

-Aqua Florya Mall: This mall is one of the largest and most beautiful malls in Florya. It includes a large number of Turkish and international brands that offer the best clothes and products, as well as a large number of restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious food. The area of ​​the mall extends along the coast, and several cultural and entertainment activities are held in it.

-Florya Istanbul Garden: This garden is characterized by beauty and creativity that steals attention when visiting it. This park attracts large numbers of visitors and tourists thanks to its strategic location on the sea coast, where the beauty of green nature merges with the splendor of the blue seawater.

If we want to talk about real estate investment in it, we must note that it has become a distinct destination for tourists and those who want to invest because it contains various types of apartments and real estate, and we find in it all types of real estate from villas to residential complexes to shops, and the nature of the area and the use of The finest types of building materials and the availability of large areas suitable for the establishment of real estate projects.

Real estate prices in the Florya region have also witnessed a significant increase due to the great and increasing demand for buying property in Istanbul in Florya, in addition to all the great advantages that this region enjoys.

real estate investment in Florya

In addition, it is considered an ideal area for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul for investment. It enjoys all the luxury and beauty as it is known as one of the most prestigious areas and is an ideal place to buy property in Turkey; All these characteristics and advantages encouraged foreign and Arab tourists to invest in real estate in Turkey and to buy apartments there for real estate investment.

Florya is an area with many advantages, the most important of which is that it is on the European side of Istanbul. Investors and everyone who wants to buy property in Istanbul flock to it to buy a property in the most luxurious and prestigious areas of Istanbul. It was the choice of many. Will it be your choice too?

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