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Full information about easement title in Turkey real estateimage

Full information about easement title in Turkey real estate


There are many forms of title deed (Tabu) in Turkey, such as the full title deed, the joint title deed, the agricultural and real estate title deed, and there is also the real estate easement title deed. In this article, we will discuss in detail everything related to this type of title deed.

What is a real estate easement deed?

It is the title deed that records each section of the property separately, that is when a real estate construction project is planned on a plot of land, and then the construction approval is issued, the project is then divided into independent sections such as apartments within the building, and each section is regulated by a special title deed. It shows the location of the independent department and its information, without considering whether the construction of the project has been started or not, and the type of property in such bonds is mentioned as real estate or agricultural land because the project has not been completed.

title deed in Turkey

The difference between the floor easement and the floor ownership record:

It is necessary to obtain a record of floor ownership to protect the rights of the property owner. The record of floor ownership is the document that shows that the owner has the right of ownership in the specified floor of the building, and the record of floor ownership is briefly proof that the entire building has been built by the building law. There is another record called the “floor easement”, which is usually issued by the construction contractor to obtain the necessary financing for the project.

This register specifies the shares of the property and the share of each owner, and in the floor easement register, only the middlebox is indicated in the property title deed (Tabu), which grants the title deed an attribute of the easement deed, not a complete title deed. This type of real estate bond is defined as the stage that must be passed before obtaining a full title deed, and the easement deed proves the title deed's own right in the building that will be constructed or that will begin to be built on a specific piece of land, which has not yet been completed, but It is recorded in the records of the Real Estate Department (Tabu), in which the location and number of each section are mentioned and to whom it belongs, and in the case of the completion of the project or construction with the approval of housing from the municipality if it meets the Turkish standard conditions and standards.
– The easement deed turns into a full title deed after the completion of construction and the building contractors usually display the features of the building to be sold to the buyer through this register, in a form in which the characteristics are accurately indicated with the details, but on the other hand, the floor ownership record document must be obtained because This document enables the property owner to obtain a housing permit. Floor ownership laws also stipulate the need to obtain a floor ownership record, and that fines will be imposed on real estate owners who do not register the property and obtain the floor ownership record document.

title deed in Turkey
Tapu content:

1. Full property information (property address - neighborhood or street name - property number)
2. The number of the land on which the project is located, which includes the purchased apartment.
3. The area of ​​the apartment and its detailed information (apartment number - building number - floor - project land area in general)
4. A personal photo of the property owner.
5. The purchase price of the property in Turkish lira circulating in the sale.
6. Complete the personal information of the property owner.

Tapu Financial Fees:

These are the fees that are paid when the full amount of the apartment is paid, and they are paid directly if the amount of the apartment is paid in cash. ( one time only).

Some things must be paid attention to while registering the title deed, which are:

1. The necessity of obtaining earthquake and natural disaster insurance and attaching it with the required documents.
2. The buyer's passport or personal identity.
3. The presence of an agency certified by the notary public or the Turkish embassy in the country of residence, if a person is acting on behalf of the owner of the property, will complete the procedures.
4. The presence of receipts showing the actual price of the property according to the purchase price in the Turkish lira to avoid future financial taxes.
5. The existence of the real estate registry document to which the property belongs.
6. Paying the value of the Tapu fee in the bank (property transfer tax) and having a receipt for it.
In conclusion, we discussed in this article everything related to the real estate easement and the details of the title deed to it. We also mentioned the most important points that must be paid attention to when registering the title deed in the Land Registry Department and the papers needed to obtain it.

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