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Get residence in Turkey by buying a propertyimage

Get residence in Turkey by buying a property


Turkey is one of the countries that many want to live in, whether permanently or temporarily. Many people seek to obtain real estate residence permits, which Turkey provides. Obtaining it is a very important step for its owner, as it provides facilities in his movements between Turkish cities or in the event of Entering and exiting Turkey frequently if the owner is a merchant or an investor. The Turkish real estate market has witnessed a great demand by foreign investors in recent years, and after the increase in the purchase of real estate and apartments by foreigners, the Turkish government worked to grant investors and those wishing to own property in Turkey, the right Obtaining real estate residency.

Definition of a real estate residence

It is the residence permit that allows a foreigner to reside in Turkey, and it is one of his rights and is given to him by the Immigration Department so that he can enter and exit Turkey without a visa, and the condition is that the foreigner is the owner of a property in Turkey. This residence is currently considered one of the strongest residences in Turkey, with a guarantee of renewal every year for the property owner and his family
Many foreigners and Arabs seek to reside in Turkey, and the real estate residency was a great opportunity for any investor, as he obtains residency because he buys a property in Turkey and at the same time they can benefit from the property in Turkey in his investment work, in particular that Turkey is striving to develop and raise the level of investment in it Especially real estate investment, which in turn leads to a significant increase in the level of the Turkish economy.

real estate residence in Turkey

• Procedures for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey

Real estate residency is the main key in the real estate world in Turkey, which paves the way for investors to go through all projects and procedures and all details related to real estate investment in legal and easy ways, and to obtain residency there are some procedures and conditions related to how to obtain this residency:
- Buying a property in one of the Turkish cities, and obtaining a document for this property or what is known as (Tabu).
- Book an appointment in advance, and prepare the necessary papers to obtain real estate residence in Turkey
- Attending the interview in person at the Directorate of Immigration, or under an official power of attorney for the agent.
-Preparing the required papers and documents.
-Pay the fees imposed for real estate residence in Turkey.
- Waiting for the result or approval of the real estate residence permit, by the Immigration Department in the city to which it was applied in Turkey.
- Sending the real estate residence card through one of the main methods, to the address of the investor's house, which was registered when the papers were delivered.

• Important laws related to real estate and real estate residence in Turkey

It is very important for those wishing to buy property in Turkey to obtain real estate residency or for other purposes, they must have knowledge of these laws:
- Ensure that the property has a title deed before purchasing it.
- Ensure the credibility of the construction companies in the event you decide to own property under construction.
- The total area of ​​Turkey's real estate owned by a foreign investor should not exceed 30 hectares.
- If you decide to buy property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship, the first payment of the property value must be at least 250 thousand US dollars, or the full payment should be equal to 250 thousand US dollars.
- Ensuring that the property in Turkey is completely free of mortgages, and this issue can be verified in the Real Estate Registry Department.

real estate residence in Turkey

• General information related to real estate residency

- Many women believe that real estate residency includes the family’s obtaining residency as well. It must be clarified that the property owner cannot grant his family this type of residency. This type of residency is real estate that belongs to the owner of this property only unless they have a legal share in this property. However, a foreigner can grant his family (one wife and all his children under the age of eighteen) a “family residence” not real estate. In the event of a divorce between the owner of the property and his wife, the family residence permit expires, but the divorce must be officially confirmed by the Turkish departments, but those who lost the family residence can move towards the tourist residence fairly easily.
- There are no precise conditions about the details of the property and its specifications, whether in the area of ​​the property or its financial value. A foreigner can obtain a real estate residence by buying a house to live in, even with one room, with a simple financial value.

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