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How to obtain Turkish citizenship online?image

How to obtain Turkish citizenship online?


Turkish citizenship is considered one of the strongest nationalities and enjoys great international competition, and the holder of the Turkish passport allows him to enter several countries without a visa, and after the great economic recovery that Turkey witnessed in all fields and sectors, Turkey has a very wide position among the countries of the world and has become the focus of attention for many Those who wish to apply for it with the intention of work or with the intention of housing, therefore, the demand for Turkish citizenship is constantly increasing, and Turkish citizenship has become an important goal for all people from all over the world.

• General conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

o Adequate proficiency in the Turkish language.
o The applicant's record is free of any criminal or judicial precedents or complaints.
o Has a stable income or a job that enables him to support himself
o Possesses good physical health and does not carry any communicable disease that may pose a threat to public health
o To legally fulfill the five-year residency requirement.

obtain Turkish citizenship

• The most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, the most important of which are:
o Residence in Turkey for more than five consecutive years with a work permit
o Exceptional Turkish citizenship, which is granted in special cases, and often includes university degree holders in the first place.
o Real estate investment in Turkey with an amount of at least 250 thousand dollars and for at least three years.
o Applying for citizenship after three years of marriage to a Turkish citizen.

• Applying for citizenship online

Every person who fulfills the conditions required for obtaining Turkish citizenship can now apply for Turkish citizenship online. Nowadays, the most important legal and governmental steps and procedures are taking place online. The Directorate involved in the Turkish Ministry of Interior announced the possibility of submitting foreigners who meet the conditions and who wish to apply for Turkish citizenship by using the government portal “e-Devlet”, where a special link has been added on the portal that allows submitting an initial application form for Turkish citizenship and following it up later
This step will facilitate the procedures for applying for Turkish citizenship by shortening the time and effort, as well as reducing the number of documents that were previously requested since the electronic portal works interconnectedly with all Turkish ministries and bodies. This step comes within Turkey's vision of digital development. And raising the level of services it provides to citizens or foreigners, and these steps will improve and raise the performance of official departments in its various departments, and these measures have become a necessary and important requirement given what the countries of the world are going through at the health level, such as the Corona pandemic, which restricted the movement of many countries, including Turkey, This step comes and enhances the safety of citizens and applicants, as it will have positive effects, the most important of which is to reduce crowding, as applying for Turkish citizenship electronically will greatly contribute to the convenience of applicants and employees as well and will reduce the burden and the precautionary measures are taken.

turkish citizenship online

• Who has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship online?

Applying for citizenship through the online portal is only for people who meet the requirements for naturalization within one of these categories:
o Obtaining a work permit for 5 continuous years, with no leave to leave for more than 6 months during the entire period.
o Marriage to a Turkish citizen or a Turkish citizen.
o Investing a minimum of USD 500,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies for 3 years.
o Purchasing a property with a value of no less than 250 thousand US dollars, and a pledge not to sell it during the first 3 years.
o Adoption, as Turkish law grants the Turkish family the right to adopt a foreign citizen who is not an adult, and accordingly, an application can be submitted for a foreign minor to obtain citizenship.
o owners of Turkish assets.

• How to apply for citizenship online?

Applying for Turkish citizenship through the online portal is required to apply for it from within Turkey, and the portal gives the right to those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship to apply only twice
- Log in to the e-Devlet portal by entering the ID number “TC no.” The site's login code.
- You must enter the online portal and type the phrase "kazanma" in the search engine and choose the first result.
-Then complete the steps and fill in the required information.
In the end, Turkish citizenship has become an important requirement and a necessity sought by many, in addition to the fact that the Turkish passport enjoys visa-free access to many important countries, and it is wonderful that there are services and steps of this importance and are provided online without the trouble of going to official departments and wasting time in a way Great, these services that Turkey provides to those who wish to apply for Turkish citizenship are clear and important services that facilitate many applicants and make the road shorter, clearer and safer for them.

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