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How to raise the value of the property in Turkey?image

How to raise the value of the property in Turkey?


Any type of investment in any field depends on the material results and the profits that can be achieved, and this is what made investors pay great attention to buying real estate in terms of location, area, and location, as the value of the real estate in Turkey, increases significantly annually, and therefore real estate investment has achieved excellent returns and profits for investors Especially the foreign ones.

And one of the most important pieces of information that a foreign investor who wants to invest in real estate in Turkey should know is that real estate prices in Turkey, in general, have increased significantly in recent years, bringing the average property price to 50 thousand US dollars in an area where all the conditions for a good life in Istanbul are available. The multiplicity of construction companies that have built huge numbers of diverse and huge real estate projects within competitive offers, led to the reconstruction of many remote areas in Turkey, and the urbanization of many places in Istanbul, where new neighborhoods appeared in total and were reconstructed and developed to become today one of the most important points of attracting real estate investment for foreigners In Turkey, the demand for it is increasing by those wishing to buy property in Turkey, such as the Beylikdüzü Esenyurt areas.

The percentage of profits is estimated approximately between 4 to 20% of the property value annually, according to the difference in the region, the nature of the investment, and the type of property. These returns are calculated monthly and are in the following proportions depending on the location of the property:

-Approximately 6% in Turkey in general, and rises to 8% in important cities.
Real estate investment returns in Istanbul, the percentage may rise to 12% of the property price
- Profits from ready-made projects generally come faster and more regularly. As for the profits of real estate investment in projects under construction, they come after a period until the completion of construction in the project, but they are higher and more secure.

real estate in Turkey

If you want to make a successful real estate investment with high and stable profits in Turkey, you should pay attention to the following:

• The investor should not neglect the importance of the location of the real estate project, as the location plays an important role in terms of the financial return of the investment project: For example: when buying property in Istanbul, it means that it achieves higher profits, and owning a property in the city center guarantees you steady and regular returns On the other hand, when investing in suburban real estate, the profits of real estate investment in the newly developing areas provide a greater profit return for the investor, as the development in infrastructure, transportation, and social services allows for an increase in value.
• An investor who wants to buy property in Turkey should look for competitive prices and this will not be available without the help of reliable real estate companies that have strong relationships with major construction companies.
• The investor must also be keen to rent his property or operate it with high returns.

What are the best types of real estate investment that achieve a higher value for profits in Turkey:

1- Commercial real estate investment:
The fields of trade in Turkey are diversified due to the ease of establishing a business in Turkey, which attracts large numbers of businessmen and commercial projects to the country. Also, opening a company in Turkey is not expensive in terms of material value and is not difficult in terms of procedures, laws, and the time required to complete the steps for establishing a company in Turkey.

2- Investment in tourist apartments:
The most important factor here is choosing the right location for the apartment so that it is close to the tourist places in the region. Buying property in Istanbul and making it a tourist apartment is the best investment option with a high and guaranteed profit return.

3- Investment in real estate that is still under construction:
It is one of the new real estate investment methods in Turkey, which brings an investment return that may reach up to 20% annually of the property price, because the prices of the apartments under construction are about 30% lower than the price of the apartment if it was ready, in addition to the possibility of purchasing in installments, which means providing a section large amount of capital.

4- Investing in old real estate:
The purchase price of an old property is low, i.e. the capital of the investment project is lower, then it can be repaired and improved after that in a way that competes with modern real estate, thus achieving more profits when renting or selling it and achieving higher investment returns.

real estate in Turkey

Here are some tips that the investor must follow to ensure the success of real estate investment:

• He should seek to buy a luxury apartment in a quiet area, with a distinctive sea, natural or other views, close to vital facilities, shopping centers, and distinguished services.
• He must buy his apartment within the residential complexes that adhere to international standards in construction and high-end services to ensure high profitability during resale or lease.
• Investing in smart apartments that provide a distinguished option in terms of technologies and services will make you live in high luxury if you decide to settle in them, but if you want to invest in them, they will generate high profits for you.
• To choose the most luxurious and quality types, such as duplexes, triplexes, or penthouses.
• The investor should see his apartment on the ground and inquire about all its details before buying.

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