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Important Notes to Investors from Turkey and UAE Summitimage

Important Notes to Investors from Turkey and UAE Summit


President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and business people and investors from UAE met. It was announced that 13 agreements were signed at the meeting that took place during Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to the UAE. Erdogan, who gave important messages about cooperation with UAE investors, said that a new era has begun in the relations between Turkey and the UAE.

Erdogan Gave Important Messages in the UAE for Those Who Want to Invest in Turkey

After the meeting held in the UAE, Erdogan gave important messages to investors.

Highlights from Erdogan's statements after the meeting;

"- We started a new era in Turkey-UAE relations with the visit of my dear brother Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed in November. UAE is our important business partner in the Gulf region.

- The UAE offers financial support and affordable investment opportunities to high-tech companies and startups. Turkey, on the other hand, is leading new initiatives that develop advanced technology and have a name on a global scale with its dynamic and young population.

- Turkey offers very important advantages, especially for investors who are looking for an alternative to the production network based in Asia. The interest of international investors in our country is also increasing day by day. Companies that made production and export in our country by investing in the past are also expanding their investments in this context. Turkey is a country that offers unique opportunities for foreigners with highly attractive legislation in terms of business establishment and business opportunities.

- Turkey has attractive legislation in terms of business establishment and business opportunities. Infrastructure works, which we are in the process of improvement, also offer additional opportunities to international investors.”

With a population of 85 million, strengthening industrial production, qualified workforce capacity, physical infrastructure, superstructure opportunities, and unique geographical location, Turkey is a country that stands out among its competitors in the world in terms of investment. The events experienced during the coronavirus epidemic in the last 3 years have once again demonstrated the strength and resilience of the Turkish economy. In 2020, when the global economy shrank by 3.4%, Turkey achieved a growth rate of 1.8 and became one of the countries with the highest increase in industrial production among the G20 countries.

Turkey, with special incentives and advantageous opportunities for foreign investors, maintains its place among the most popular countries in terms of investment. Investing in Turkey, which is the most important subject of this summit with the UAE, is of interest to business people and investors. At this meeting, where the advantages of investing in Turkey were explained in detail, the interest of the investors in the country increased and the desire to work together was demonstrated.

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