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Many advantages when buying property in Istanbul city centerimage

Many advantages when buying property in Istanbul city center


Turkey is one of the most important leading countries in the field of real estate, and in the last ten years this sector has witnessed prosperity and development that drew a lot of attention, and Turkey has become one of the most important destinations for every investor and every buyer who wants to buy a property in a place like this, and when we mention Turkey and the real estate in it We must mention Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey, and one of the most important reasons for Turkey's economic success, especially in the field of real estate. Istanbul is one of the most important options for every investor seeking to buy a property.

The real estate sector in Turkey and investing in it is one of the best investment sectors with an excellent profit return if the property is purchased in a special location and at the right time, and this is what made investing in the real estate sector a destination for many investors from the Middle East and countries of the world.
Real estate investment in Istanbul is characterized by a safe environment for long-term investment, so Istanbul real estate is always at the forefront of the scene.
Istanbul real estate is also one of the best places to live in the world, because of the climate and nature that provide mountain and sea views at the same time, and apartments for sale can be found in them at reasonable prices for many who wish to buy property outside their country, whether for investment, housing or tourism.
Also, the cost of living in Turkey is low compared to European countries and tourist countries.
This made the demand for real estate in Turkey wide and varied, including apartments and villas, in addition to land and shops.

buy property in Istanbul

• Advantages of buying property in Turkey

-The cost of living is relatively low compared to Europe and the countries of the region, with high quality and strong infrastructure.
- A safe, comfortable, and beautiful place, in which the investor can live comfortably and in peace.
-Obtaining a real estate residence in Turkey.
-Obtaining a Turkish passport, after acquiring Turkish citizenship.
- A profitable return on investment based on the attractive tourism power in Turkey, where there is the possibility of renting apartments during the multiple tourist seasons throughout the year, at record prices, which brings excellent profits to the property owner.
- When you own a property, living in Turkey becomes easier and less difficult for the buyer or investor.
-Low taxes and a friendly social environment for the Turkish society in all its sects, and this is what make Turkey one of the best countries for housing and investment.
- The presence of commercial places near the residential complexes, and provides recreational facilities and places where children and all family members can be entertained and entertained at all times.

• Istanbul apartments

The real estate sector in Istanbul has gained great importance in the past ten years, and its importance is still rising and flourishing day after day, and the number and prices of real estate sales have increased significantly as well, and great doors have been opened for investment and the development and increase of profits.
The Turkish government pays great attention to Turkish real estate and Istanbul real estate in particular, as it is a major capital of development globally and one of the richest cities with modern and advanced projects.
Apartments in Istanbul have become a real target for the temptations and incentives that real estate ownership in Istanbul brings, which the researcher for real estate investment around the world cannot overlook or underestimate.
A city of such importance and such advantages that it is natural to be the focus of attention of all investors and those looking for distinctive properties in a special place like Istanbul.

buying apartment in Istanbul

• Prices in Istanbul

The Turkish real estate market is witnessing strong and continuous competition due to a large number of offers to buy in it, and the demand has risen dramatically. This competitive atmosphere creates a wide scope for price speculation, as the prices of real estate and apartments in Istanbul are not fixed, as it is in constant fluctuation due to high market activity.
Comparing the prices of apartments in Istanbul and their prices in European or Gulf countries, we will find that they are relatively lower, and some residential projects in Istanbul offer apartments equal to approximately 40% of the value of similar offers with specifications in other regions.
Most of the projects in Istanbul give offers for purchase under construction, which provides good amounts because it is lower than the price of the ready-made apartment. This attracts many investors to buy in Istanbul.

• Tips for those who want to buy property in Istanbul

All those who are going to buy a property or an apartment in the city of Istanbul must define their goal accurately, for a city like Istanbul, the buyer must prepare for comprehensive research and study in the real estate sector and investments. The options in a city like Istanbul are very many and varied. Where desires and requests are in addition to the amount that was monitored to buy property in Istanbul, as prices in Istanbul are high compared to other cities such as Bursa and Trabzon.
In addition, it is very important to visit the area and know its entrances and exits, how close it is to the basic and recreational services in the area, and the extent to which they meet the needs of the investor or people who are going to buy a property in Turkey. It is also important for the investor to resort to real estate agents, specialists, and reliable offices, which will certainly facilitate and clarify the way for the buyer largely and more easily.

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