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Most attractive areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2021image

Most attractive areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2021


Tourism in Turkey is increasing rapidly and noticeable, and this is what encourages tourists to invest and buy real estate. One of the most important cities that attract many investors to buy real estate is the rich city of Istanbul. In this article, we will talk about the most important areas of Istanbul, which attract investors to buy property in Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul is the most vital city, which is headed by most real estate investments because this city has an ancient history and a sophisticated civilization. This has made it a tourist center and a real estate market.
This city contains The most important and most attractive areas for purchasing real estate, as Istanbul consists of 39 counties, and 27 districts constitute a vibrant city. Istanbul is divided into 14 provinces in Asia and 25 provinces in the European section and is separated by the Bosphorus Strait with a distinctive view.

The best areas to buy real estate in Istanbul:

  • Bashakshehir:

Bashakshehir is located in the city center of Istanbul and is one of the most demanding investment areas where this region has an urban modern and sophisticated infrastructure and its attention from the city center and the new Istanbul airport, positively affected real estate prices, Therefore, the prices of apartments in Bashakshehir are on an ongoing increase compared to other regions; There is also a wide range of high-end residential complexes spread in the Basaksehir area, which provide the elements of comfortable and high-end accommodation until the residential complexes in them have become a clear feature of the area.

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  • Bakirkoy:

This area is located south of Istanbul and overlooking the Marmara Sea, and is famous for its beautiful coasts, high-end living patterns, and streets. , Five-star restaurants, for all tourist attractions.

  • Bahcesehir :

This area is called the Gardens District due to a large number of beautiful gardens. It also contains several luxury residential complexes, which are equipped with the highest possibilities of comfort and safety, in addition to health facilities, and it includes many shops and commercial complexes. The area is witnessing a development that makes it one of the best residential areas in Istanbul, especially because of its proximity to the (New Istanbul Canal) project.

  • Beylikduzu :

With the rapid development of its infrastructure, the modernity of its buildings and towers with a stunning view of the sea, in addition to the multiplicity of its commercial centers, Beylikduzu has gained a good reputation in recent years, thus attracting investors to it, and it has become one of the fastest developing areas in Istanbul.

  • Kucukcekmece :

This area is characterized by large residential complexes and modern real estate projects, built according to the latest innovative technologies, thus becoming among the best areas for housing in Istanbul, providing them with a new destination for quiet, luxurious, and upscale housing.

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* If we want to talk about the most important and best areas for real estate investments in Istanbul in the Asian section, the most important areas are:

  • Uskudar District:

This prestigious area is characterized by a calm nature and overlooks the Bosphorus Strait and the Maiden's Tower.

  • Kadikoy:

This area contains the most important restaurants and cafes, residential complexes, and commercial centers. There is Baghdad Street, which is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the Asian section. The Asian side of Istanbul attracts investors looking for a quiet place to stay in an atmosphere mixed with luxury and sophistication. An ideal place to buy an apartment in Istanbul.

The Asian section includes several important shopping centers, such as The Dancing Fountain Complex, Capitol Mall, Acacia Mall, Emaar Square Mall, and many commercial centers and malls that are characterized by crowding and commercial activity.
And with this, we have taken a glimpse of the most important and famous areas that attract investors to buy property in Istanbul.

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