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Sites that help you search for apartments for sale in Turkeyimage

Sites that help you search for apartments for sale in Turkey


The real estate sector in Turkey is constantly growing day by day with the impact of large investments in construction projects. Residential and infrastructure projects qualify well due to the companies' experience over the years and the technology they use. It is also reflected in the marketing of those projects online via sales and promotion platforms. Instead of searching for what is needed and scouring the streets for brokers, people are now interacting with online selling platforms to find everything they need. It is much easier to see more options in a short period compared to those.
In case you want an apartment, a villa, a small shop, a farm..or whatever. You just have to browse some of these sites and express your desire for two bedrooms, a backyard, a storage space..and maybe more. You will see it and review its price in your home.

After the first decade of the 21st century, the impact of the internet was also reflected in the real estate sector as a lot of online platforms were created to meet the demand of people looking for real estate. Homeowners or real estate agencies are starting to post their available apartments and land online to reach more clients all over the desired city, not just from people close to the city where the house is located. We will talk about one of the leading real estate websites in Turkey.

• "Diyar Turk Real Estate"

It is one of the most important real estate sites in Turkey, the leader in the world of real estate and investment, with more than seven years of experience in this field, and it is officially registered with the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, and this is one of the most important reasons why the customer is in a state of reassurance and satisfaction in dealing and entering this site, Not to mention the distinguished staff, rich in the necessary expertise, and who always strives to provide the best services in the best possible way.
This site is characterized by a unique vision of dealing with customers of most nationalities. It has a wide network of workers in most Turkish cities, as it combines old real estate work with modern research and saves time.
On the site, you will find a very large group of properties, which are distinguished based on several criteria such as luxury, desired area, or the seller who wants to sell sooner. This is what distinguishes the site, as it is organized in a way that suits every visitor to the site or buyer.

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• Services provided by Diyar Turk

All options related to real estate are available on this site, from real estate advice, insurance, transfer of ownership, taxes, bank accounts, and even interior design and furniture related to the property, where Diyar Turk is keen to provide all the real estate details that the customer may need.

Real estate tour:
One of the most important things that the customer or buyer will require is to visit the property proposed by the site or that he chooses, and to learn about the nature of the place and the choice that the customer may have, so Diyar Turk provides all the equipment that suits the customer, by accompanying him From his place of residence to the property he wants to go to, and the site will provide the right person who is fluent in the language spoken by the client.

Real estate advice:
o Diyar Turk offers you the most suitable real estate options in the region according to the customer's wishes. Where the staff analyzes the possibilities of the social environment that the client desires to be fully aware of the nature of the residents of the area.
o Diyar Turk offers you the best and most profitable real estate.
o They assist you with all official transactions such as legal procedures, documents, translations, invoices, and subscriptions.
o If the customer wants to rent out the home that he bought for investment, he will find a suitable tenant left for his property and they will follow up with him.

Real Estate Management:
After you buy property in Turkey, you have to pay some taxes annually to the government. Diyar Turk staff takes over this task and keeps track of payments that need to be paid regularly, such as housing tax and mandatory earthquake insurance.
As well as subscriptions, after purchasing the property, it is necessary to make some subscriptions such as electricity, water, natural gas, and the Internet, follow up on their monthly obligations, and pay bills regularly. This is done by giving an official power of attorney to Diyar Turk, and they can then take care of all the matters related to the contributions that you have to pay.

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Many customers insist on the traditional way of searching for a suitable property that serves their aspirations and goals. They travel and tour the desired area back and forth, even so, the broker does not achieve any benefit from them. On the other hand, visitors to these sites see a significant amount of time saved and costs reduced in research and consultation.
The effort that you will save on yourself when dealing with the Diyar Turk website is very large and the comfort that the customer will gain in dealing with them will be great, so Diyar Turk always seeks to save effort and time for its customers and provide them with distinguished services to the fullest.

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