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Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship 2021-2022image

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship 2021-2022


Obtaining Turkish citizenship has become an obsession for many people due to the economic renaissance that Turkey has achieved recently, but there are limits and controls that must be adhered to, and they are not impossible at all. On the contrary, it is considered with simple and easy steps and stages, let's get to know these stages in the next article.

What are the steps and stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

First of all, an application must be submitted to the official authorities concerned, and then awaits the initial acceptance of the application to follow up the rest of the procedures, after that the application file is sent to be examined initially, where the applicant’s information is checked without any bias towards religion, identity or gender That is, the examination includes the information of the applicant in general and everything related to his life and person. Then this stage is followed by another stage that deals with detailed scrutiny of the person applying for Turkish citizenship.

obtain turkish citizenship

What follows the information check process?

After completing the examination of the applicant’s personal information, his name is sent to the list of applicants for Turkish citizenship and it is left to the Council of Ministers to decide on the matter. Here we can say that we have reached the last stage, which is making the final and official decision to grant Turkish citizenship to the applicant or to reject it. if the applicant fulfills all the conditions and his papers are complete, he is granted citizenship, and in case it is rejected, here the decision is issued and reported to the concerned authorities.

How can we obtain Turkish citizenship in the shortest and easiest way?

All investment doors are open to Arab and foreign investors, which contributes to granting those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship more quickly and smoothly. It is possible by purchasing agricultural land or opening an investment project through real estate investment by purchasing a property with a value of more than 250 thousand US dollars, provided that it is not sold before three years, and investing it in residential or commercial leasing, for example. By employing a number of Turkish employees within an industrial facility he owns, for example, he has to apply for Turkish citizenship, as the owner of the facility is considered to be responsible for the livelihood of the families of the Turkish employees who work for him. One of the common ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to marry a person of Turkish origin, provided that this marriage is not based on interest, and that the marriage lasts for more than three years without separation in one house, and here the citizenship is granted directly. Also, residing in Turkey for a period of five continuous years without leaving it for more than six months within any type of residencies such as real estate residency, work residency or investment residency enables you to obtain Turkish citizenship easily. Another way is to have a Turkish descent of the person applying for Turkish citizenship, whereby citizenship is granted as soon as it is proven that there is a Turkish ancestry.

turkish citizenship by investment

What are the documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship?

-A document of owning a property such as an apartment or a commercial store, which is the title deed granted by the Real Estate Registry Department
-Payment receipts for the purchase of the property that will be used to apply for citizenship must be duly stamped and certified by the bank through which the price of the property was paid.
- A copy of the applicant's passport is translated into Turkish and certified by the notary or the notary public.
-A copy of the passport of family members, such as the wife and children under the age of 18, translated into Turkish and certified by the Notre
-Personal photos of the applicant and his family members
- A copy of the family book, translated and certified
-Obtaining a tax number from the tax department

In conclusion, we must note that whoever obtains Turkish citizenship is not required to give up his mother's nationality, and he can obtain both citizenship and enjoy their full advantages. Through this article, we find that obtaining Turkish citizenship is not difficult, its steps and stages are easy, and the papers required to apply are all within the reach of everyone. Anyone who wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship and finds in himself all the necessary conditions for this can apply for Turkish citizenship and enjoy all its advantages.

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