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The most famous medical tourism areas in Turkeyimage

The most famous medical tourism areas in Turkey


It is well-known about Turkey that it is very rich in tourist areas and tourist factors as well, including beautiful scenery, ancient archaeological areas and a mild climate, but what we do not know is that Turkey is one of the most important therapeutic tourist areas for Dermatology, rheumatism, orthopedic diseases.

The most important and most famous treatment areas:

-Yalova area or the so-called “Yellowa” : The city of “Yalova” is located in the middle of the distance between Istanbul, Bursa and Sapanca, and is characterized by its picturesque scenery that gives psychological calm to patients, in addition to its uniqueness with many therapeutic sulfur baths, which are known worldwide with the name “Termal”, and this place has attracted the attention of investors to invest in it and establish luxury health and tourist resorts scattered in many villages in Yalova.

-Dalyan City, Mugla Province: It is a wonderful city located in the Turkish province of Mugla. There are daily trips to Koycegiz Lake, where therapeutic mud baths abound, and it is one of the most popular activities that tourists flock to in Dalyan, especially European tourists. ; To enjoy the therapeutic burial under the golden rays of the sun and bathe in the hot eyes of the Sultan located there.

- The city of Kayseri : is also famous for its medical tourism, as it is located in the city of Kayseri in an area called “Kalaky”, and it is an area where mineral water is available that is used to treat incurable diseases. Turkish investors from the same region have exploited this place and established many hotels, and about 400 thousand visitors visit this place annually for the purpose of recovery and treatment. The city also has many medical centers dealing with skin treatment and energy therapy.

- Bolu City: This Turkish city is characterized by the presence of hot springs under the mountains, which made it a destination for patients seeking treatment with natural elements and aspiring to obtain psychological calm.

-Aksehir region: It is the most important Turkish city for medical tourism. It is an ancient city built by the Greeks on the shores of the “Borsuk” River. It is about 233 km from the city of Ankara, and the city is famous for its hot water that cures many diseases.

medical tourism in Turkey

Reasons for going to medical tourism in Turkey:

-Many people resort to treatment through medical tourism in Turkey due to the low costs of treatment, but in general this tourism is limited to the rich only, as it is tourism that requires costs and transportation expenses to work more than a visit to countries rich in natural resources for treatment. You need several treatment visits over a long period of time.
Middle-income people may visit it, but when absolutely necessary and in critical cases that did not find benefit from the use of medicines and surgeries.
- It is also considered a low cost of travel, especially for Arabs, and its location near the Arab regions made it an important medical tourism center and frequented by many Arab visitors and tourists. And do not forget that it contains a large number of hot springs for treatment and mineral water as well. Here, patients resort to this type of treatment as an effective natural alternative that does not exist in their country, and their desire to combine treatment and recreation.

What are the advantages of medical tourism in Turkey:

1- Medical tourism in Turkey has provided many job opportunities for the citizens of Turkey and the workers coming from different countries.
2- The Turkish government has paid attention to the maintenance of medical tourism areas, as they represent an important source of income in the country.
3- The recovery of the tourism market and the economy and the opening of new investment opportunities in the field of medical tourism.
4- The exchange of cultures between Turkey and different peoples and the acquisition of more cultural wealth.

medical tourism in Turkey

But just as there are pros to any topic, there are also cons:

there are negatives of medical tourism in Turkey, because:
• The absence of medical follow-up in the event of complications for the patient after returning to his country from the medical tourism trip.
• Treatment procedures are sometimes very accurate, so any small mistake can threaten the patient's life.
• New infectious diseases transferred by tourists from their country to Turkey.
Here, we have learned about medical tourism, its methods, and the most important cities in which it is famous in Turkey .

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