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Legal Warning and Disclaimer

The content on this website is for informational purposes only. You can find the legal warnings and disclaimer of Diyar Turk Real Estate below.

Website Content of Diyar Turk Real Estate

The web content of Diyar Turk Real Estate contains property for sale, real estate properties, real estate photos, customer reviews, video and text, advice and how-to-date news about the real estate market that will buy a property in Turkey.

Notices to Website Users

- Even if the information published on our website is prepared in good faith, the information sent by the sellers may differ due to reason such as change of opinion, typographical errors, price revision, misleading information caused by third parties or institutions. The information provided on our website is not a guarantee of any contract.

- The real estate prices in the advertisements are the prices given by the seller, but these prices do not represent the actual sales price. The property owner has the right to sell the property at the price he finds suitable. If there is no written agreement, the real estate owner reserves the right to change the price without informing Diyar Turk Real Estate.

- The information provided on the website does not constitute a guarantee for any sales contract. The property owner's information on the terms of sale of the property must be confirmed. In the event that the owner adds new information or changes the information, written confirmation must be provided by the owner. Diyar Turk Real Estate is not responsible for the property owner not keeping his word.

If you notice that your property is on our property list without your knowledge, send us a message via our website.

Legal Warning and Disclaimer

Diyar Turk Real Estate strives to keep the content on the website updated at all times, but this information may become out of date over time. Diyar Türk Gayrimenkul does not undertake or guarantee that the information on this website is correct, up-to-date or complete.

Diyar Turk Real Estate reserves the right to make changes or remove the content temporarily or permanently without any notification. Diyar Turk Real Estate cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss arising from misuse or technical errors in the published content.

Virus Disclaimer

Diyar Turk Real Estate takes all measures to ensure that the website is following the security and privacy requirements. However, we do not guarantee that any information, software, links and other materials found on our website are free from viruses, worms or other harmful components.

We do not accept liability for direct, incidental, indirect or indirect damages arising from downloading, scanning, accessing, using any content published on or any website linked to it. Before accessing the website, you should obtain an antivirus software suitable for web users and take all precautions against viruses in advance.

Information on External Links

No information collected by Diyar Turk Real Estate will be sold or shared with third parties, all information collected through the website or mail will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. If web users access websites owned by third parties through external links provided on our website, Diyar Turk Real Estate cannot be held responsible for its content. Diyar Turk Real Estate has no control over these linked websites, which are provided for convenience and information only.

Copyright and all content, logos, graphics, designs, trademarks, software, photos, services are controlled, protected and licensed by Diyar Turk Real Estate Limited Company.

The web user has the obligation to use the website content legally and correctly and to be aware of the following warnings;

- Reproduction of the web content on the Diyar Turk Real Estate website for any purpose is prohibited.

- It is strictly forbidden to use the brand and logo of Diyar Turk Real Estate without our prior written consent.

- It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute any content, material or information from the website.

- Distribution or commercial use of any information from on another website without our written permission is strictly prohibited.

- Any reproduction or redistribution of all content or components of the website is strictly prohibited except in the following cases:

- You can print or download local hard disk statements for your personal and non-commercial use only.

- You may transmit the website content to others for their exclusive use only if the website is specified as the source of the content.

As Diyar Turk Real Estate, the information showing the source of the web content should refer to:

© Diyar Turk Real Estate. All rights reserved.

The authority to use and reproduce the information on the website must be given written permission by Diyar Turk Real Estate Limited Company.

Legal Warning Address

The legal warning address of and Diyar Turk Real Estate websites and domains in other languages is as follows:

Address: Mahmutbey Mahallesi, Taşocağı Yolu Caddesi. Ağaoğlu 212 My Office No: 413 Bağcılar, İstanbul

Office phone: +90 212 464 9000


Any notice sent to addresses other than this address will not be deemed served.

If you find any offensive content on our website, contact us via our web form.

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