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Citizenship in Turkey

How Can I Become a Turkish Citizen | Be a Turkish Citizen by Investment

Some arrangements were made in the transition of foreigners to Turkish citizenship with the decision published in the Official Gazette dated 19.09.2018. According to the new decision, the citizenship price, which was previously 1.000.000 USD, was reduced to 250.000 USD. Foreigners who bought property in Turkey 250.000 USD worth of real estate or commit to buy a property worth 250,000 dollars through a notary will directly be Turkish citizens.

In accordance with the citizenship program through the purchase of real estate, foreign nationals are freedom to buy real estate from the place they wanted in Turkey with the proviso that no military region. Foreigners, who 250.000 USD worth of real estate in Turkey, shall be a Turkish citizen with their families. Thus, it will be made a profitable investment buying property in Turkey and will earn the right to Turkish citizenship with both your family.

Documents required to apply for citizenship through real estate purchase:

  • Application form (Application is made by filling out a form petition prepared by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs according to the type of gaining Turkish Citizenship)
  • Birth certificate for all the family members, it should be original and attested by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish embassy.
  • Marriage certificate, it should be original and attested by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish embassy.
  • Family registration certificate, it should be original and attested by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish embassy.
  • Passport photocopy for all the family member.
  • 8 biometric photographs of each family member 5*6 cm.
  • Address document (water bill, electricity bill or driving licence if the address written).
  • Real property valuation report.
  • Bank receipt, showing that at least 250.000 USD has been paid as real estate value.
  • Title deed.
  • If the purchased property is under construction, notary certified property purchase commitment.

The Ways of To Be a Turkish Citizen

  • Citizenship through investment: Foreigners who purchase at least 250.000 USD of real estate and promise to not sell this property for three years can obtain Turkish citizenship with their families (wife/husband and children under 18 age).

Also, you can obtain Turkish citizen through:

  • by investing at least 500.000 USD of fixed capital,
  • by depositing at least 500,000 USD cash to banks operating in Turkey with a condition hold on for 3 years,
  • by creating employment for at least 50 people,
  • by purchasing at least 500.000 USD government bond instruments with a condition hold on for 3 years,
  • by purchasing at least 500,000 USD of non-investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation share with a condition hold on for 3 years.

Real estate and construction sector in Turkey are quite lively, active and continuous manner. For this reason, we can say that acquiring citizenship through housing is more advantageous than other types of citizenship. There are some advantages in the investment to be made through real estate purchase such as the lower is the monetary value determined, that live in the construction sector in the country and does not lose value, no living compulsory in Turkey for citizenship is in question.

  • Citizenship through marriage: An application can be made to Turkish citizenship, provided that they have been married Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and continue this marriage. The applicant is required to live in a family union, not to be an obstacle in terms of national security and public order, and not to engage in an activity incompatible with the marriage union.
  • Citizenship through adoption: Children under the age of 18 can obtain Turkish citizenship through adopted by a Turkish citizen, provided that they do not have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.
  • Citizenship by birth: Turkish citizenship is citizenship acquired by the establishment of lineage with mother or father.
  • Citizenship through residence: Adult individuals over 18 years of age, who have discriminating power can, obtain the right to apply for citizenship with 5 years of uninterrupted residence in Turkey.
  • Citizenship through Turquoise Card: Turquoise Card was implemented in 2017, to employ qualified persons in Turkey, is a system that allows foreign investors may face barriers to work and residence permit in Turkey and eliminating the long bureaucratic process. It is also possible to apply to Turkish citizenship with this system.

Application Process for Turkish Citizenship

For citizenship application types such as residence, marriage or Turkuaz Card, you need to apply through the governor's office if you are living in Turkey, where you reside or through the consulate general if you are abroad. If you wish, you can perform your application procedures through a special power of attorney. The required documents will vary depending on your application type.

The experienced team of Diyar Turk Real Estate will be with you from the beginning to the end of the process from the first time you decide to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. In this process, we will be with you to find your dream home at the most affordable price and the most convenient location. In addition, our professional assistance for all legal procedures will always be with you.

The Benefits of Being a Turkish Citizen by Investment

- You can make a profitable investment by buying real estate worth 250.000 USD in the construction sector, which constantly gains value.

- You can apply for citizenship with your family (wife/husband and children under the age of 18)

- When you want to get citizenship by investment is not obliged to live in Turkey. You can handle your transactions from your own country and get Turkish citizenship.

- You do not need to declare your assets in other countries or the country you live in.

- The professional support of Diyar Turk Real Estate will assist you in all these transactions in Istanbul and Antalya.

- You can rent out your property during these three years with good rental income

- You can re-sell your properties after three years and benefit from the profit from rising prices for real estate in Turkey

Costs to be Paid in the Application of Turkish Citizenship

Real estate worth at least 250.000 USD

4% title fee will pay one time (In some projects, it is taken from 2% buyer and 2% seller)

1% VAT will pay one time (8% VAT on commercial real estate)

250 USD appraisal report

300 USD general tax expenses

2.000 USD Lawyer fee

200 - 300 USD citizenship documents (translation, insurance etc. expenses)

Approximately 300 USD power of attorney fee per person

Approximately 180 USD passport fee and ID fee per person


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