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Effect of Covid-19 on Real Estateimage

Effect of Covid-19 on Real Estate


Effect of Covid-19 Virus on the Real Estate Industry

Turkey is always among the most preferred countries by the foreign individual investors and property buyers. It has always been an attractive and preferred country with its nature, climate, and socio-economic life. Due to the increase in foreigners' interest in Turkey, recently it has been a rapid rise in the real estate sector and the construction industry has developed significantly. With this development, real estate sales to foreigners increased at a high rate. At the same time, the opportunities provided by the Turkish Government, such as the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship by investment and obtaining a residence permit in Turkey are easy to do, despite the great impact on foreigners' preference for our country. You can buy real estate in Istanbul online at a discount.

Covid-19 virus, which has been affecting the whole world recently, also affects the economy greatly. Many factors such as increased anxiety with the rapid spread of the virus, measures are taken by governments, and travel restrictions seriously affect the global markets. While “stay at home” calls and curfews continue throughout the world, the operation has come to a halt in many sectors such as real estate, tourism, and production. These days, where going from one country to another and even from one city to another is restricted, we are going through difficult times like the whole world. Turkey, with hard timely measures taken by the Covid-19 virus in the country, has delayed the entry of significant, and it slowed down its spreading rate with the measures it took. Thanks to the strong Turkish health system and timely measures, the rate of virus spread, and the rate of cases is low in our country.

This hard period, that we are in, can turn into a profitable investment opportunity

The Covid-19 virus, which has seriously affected the economy in the past few months, has put all sectors in a difficult situation and created cash needs. The real estate market has also suffered from this serious situation and real estate sales have decreased significantly. Along with the declining real estate sales, many construction companies made discounts on real estate prices. Actually, this hard period can be turned into an opportunity to make a profitable investment. If you want to own and invest in real estate in Turkey, the most appropriate time to make a profitable purchase. Without leaving your home, you can buy real estate in Turkey through the internet or phone. The professional team of Diyar Turk Real Estate will be with you in this process as always and will enable you to shop without problems.

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